Faithful and Loving to the End

When Mrs Martha Damon of Wallacedene found her faithful companion Dallas gravely injured, she knew she had to get help quickly. She bandaged the dog’s injured front leg as best she could, strapped Dallas to her back like a baby, and walked for two kilometres to reach the SPCA mobile clinic.

It was a touching sight to see Mrs Damon gently unwrap Dallas from her cocoon and place her beloved old friend on the ground. But sadly, it also showed us how severe Dallas’ injuries were. She was lame in both back legs and had a badly injured forelimb.

As painful as it was, Mrs Damon knew that Dallas had to be spared further suffering and took her time to say her final goodbye to the dog that had been her trusted companion for a decade.

If only all pets were as lucky as Dallas was … she shared her life with someone who was dedicated to caring for her and literally, walked the extra mile because her dog needed her to.

Every story in our latest newsletter is testament to your caring and the generosity of friends like you. The Story of Dallas and her owner makes you realise just how critical the SPCA’s services are to animals in need. So many animals depend on us … can we count on your help to reach them? 

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