SPCA Volunteers in Action for Mandela Day

We are touched by the incredible outpouring of generosity and love exhibited on #MandelaDay.

Huge thanks to our supporters, volunteers and donors who made Mandela Day so memorable and special for the Cape of Good Hope SPCA

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As seems to be tradition, with Tata Madiba’s birthday celebrated mid-winter, it was a frosty morning at the Cape of Good Hope SPCA when volunteers began to arrive for Mandela Day 2022.

First to arrive was Dani Maia from OnePlan Pet Insurance, with a can of beautiful blue paint which she and a couple of our regular volunteers set to painting our walls in the car park. Instantly brightening the area, they also helped cover up some unsightly spray paint that was there.

Dani had more suprises up her sleeve, as later in the morning a Montego Pet Nutrition van pulled in with food donations and blankets from One Plan.  

“I always knew that deep down in every human heart, there was mercy and generosity.” – Nelson Mandela, Long Walk To Freedom

Thank you to the following corporates and their staff who attended on Mandela Day to chip in with painting and donations: 

Itec – R25 000 donation

PKF Chartered Accounting – R18 000 donation and dog food

Yuri Arcurs –  2 drums of paint and staff painted our kennels

One Plan Pet Insurance – dog food, blankets and staff who helped paint

Remax Premier – staff came and interacted with the cats, giving them love and cuddles

International Hotel School – staff painted, brought food donations for the dogs and cats and delicious chocolate chip muffins for the staff at the SPCA

Pisces Digital – donated dog and cat food and blankets

The Disaster Risk Management Centre (City of Cape Town) – Food and cash R1750 that we collected.

There were many members of the public who dropped in throughout the day with donations of pet food, blankets and even some apples and pears for our farm yard friends. Donations came in for spays and neutering, oat hay for our Farm Yard and Horse Care and Unit as well as monthly subscriptions to keep paying it forward in remembrance of Mandela Day.

You can still make a difference!

If you weren’t able to join us for 67 minutes on Mandela Day, please consider a donation of R67 or more in honour of this special day.

Make a quick Mandela Day donation via SnapScan

Website (Mandela Day MONTHLY Subscription)

Pledge to donate a R67 monthly subscription to the SPCA in honour of Tata Madiba

Pledge a R67 monthly donation to the SPCA in honour of Tata Madiba. (You can cancel your PayFast subscription any time).

Website (Mandela Day ONCE-OFF)

Make a once-off pledge of R67, R670 (general donation) or R670 towards a spay or neuter.

On behalf of the Cape of Good Hope SPCA, its staff members and the hundreds of dogs, cats, equines, farmyard animals, and wildlife at our 150 year old facility in Grassy Park –

“In light of your inspiration Madiba, our SPCA will continue unabated to strive towards our vision: to someday live in an animal cruelty-free society where all life is equally valued and respected.”

“A nation should not be judged by how it treats its highest citizens, but its lowest ones.” – Nelson Mandela, Long Walk To Freedom

We extend our gracious thanks to all who live by these principles and all who live in a way that continues the legacy of a kind and compassionate man. A man who we were fortunate to call the Father of our nation.
A huge thanks to our supporters, volunteers and donors who made Mandela Day so memorable and special for the Cape of Good Hope SPCA

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