Some well known Cape Town Faces are getting behind Mutt & Meow Month to support the SPCA’s latest campaign that hopes to see at least 100 hearts and homes opened to animals in need during the month of May.

Jarrad Ricketts (performer/singer/songwriter), Lindy Lehto (Smile FM), Tapfuma Makina (Heart FM) and Chantel Erfort (Editor Cape Community Newspapers) all recently visited the SPCA’s facilities in Grassy Park to meet some of our adoption candidates and have pledged their support to help the SPCA find homes for at least 100 animals before our Mutt and Meow month concludes.

Adopters who #choosefureverlove during the month of May, are in for a special treat too!  Thanks to veterinary food brand UltraPet, every newly adopted pet goes home with a bag of UltraPet’s veterinary approved dog or cat food. 

Can't Adopt Right Now? Don't Worry, You Can Still Show a Shelter Animal Some Love!

Our animals ask for so little in return for their #fureverlove, please support Mutt and Meow Month by making a small contribution towards a rescued dog/cat’s daily care, sharing adoption posts and encouraging all your friends and family to #choosefureverlove of course to #adopt don’t shop.

It costs the SPCA on average R110.00 per day to provide a safe sanctuary for a rescued cat or dog -that’s R3 300.00 per dog/cat per month but you can make a very big difference with a small contribution: 

Food and Warmth for One Day

R20 will keep a cat/dog fed and warm for one day by covering the costs of dry food and the laundering or purchase of blankets. 

* Price

Food and Warmth for One Month

* Price

Love and Comfort for One Day

R40 per animal per day keeps kennel structures in good repair, pays the water bill and keeps the heaters on during Winter.

* Price

Love and Comfort for One Month

* Price

Health and Happiness for One Day

R30 will ensure health and happiness by covering the costs of veterinary treatments, time spent with a behaviourist and cleaning costs for one animal each day.

* Price

Health and Happiness for One Month

* Price

Finding Forever Homes For One Day

R20 is the average daily cost spent on rehoming efforts including; phone calls, pre-placement home checks, printing and stationery and cellphone costs

* Price

Finding Forever Homes for One Month

* Price

Entire Cost of Care for One Day

* Price

Entire cost of Care for One Month

* Price

Jarrad, Lindy, Tapfuma and Chantel's Adoption Picks

Ready to #choosefureverlove? Let us know!

Thank You for considering adoption or for helping us to cover the costs of care for an animal awaiting a forever home!

  • Costs include, salaries, food, cleaning materials, municipal charges, veterinary treatment and supplies, vehicle running costs, telephones, uniforms and printing and building maintenance.

They've all chosen #fureverlove - You should too!

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