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Print your pawprint template here and stand on it / curl up on it or sit on it outside for 10 minutes in solidarity with animals left out in the cold! Let us know you’ve taken up our challenge by taking a picture like the below and sharing it to social media!  Please tag us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and use the #keepthemoutofthecould #lunchtimechallenge

Can you imagine going through winter without blankets, heaters; or at least, warm clothes?

Yet that’s what many people expect from their dogs … to stay outside, day and night, without any protection from the rain, cold or howling wind – without as much as a sheltered kennel.

I shudder to think of the animal suffering that would go unchallenged were it not for our active presence in Cape Town’s communities. When we get reports of neglect, we act for animals immediately – and it’s only support from friends like you that makes this possible.

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We work to help the ones that cuddle up alone, in the cold. Please let us count on your support now, to ensure that doesn’t change.

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Rover Brought in From the Cold

Here’s the story of Rover, one dog who will now always be kept out of the cold! 

“I did not even think twice, I saw this dog needs urgent help or it would be swept away by the current and drown” Inspector Siyabonga reported.   Holding the lifeline connected to the harness, with the assistance of all parties present, the inspector was able to battle the current and reach the tired, distressed dog just in time.

“While I was in the deep water, I was struggling to walk and keep my direction towards the dog.  The current was pushing me in a different direction.”  Siyabonga explained he used small baby steps to nudge himself closer to the dog.  “Once I reached the dog, he was shivering and clearly eager to be rescued” Inspector Siyabonga picked up the dog from the debris island and with baby steps again made his way back to safety.  “Once we reached safety, I did my best to secure him to feel safe.”  They immediately made their way to the Cape of Good Hope SPCA hospital for veterinary intervention and treatment

Rover was freezing and his paws were bleeding, the result of his struggle to stay afloat on his debris pile in the strong current. A warm blanket and lots of love and veterinary care soon had Rover feeling much better following his ordeal! 

And once he had recovered from his ordeal, a loving family opened their hearts to him and gave him a place to call home.  Rover may now be missing a toe, but he has gained a family and a home he will always be kept warm and safe. Go Well Boy!  This will never happen to you again!

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Your donation, made safely online below today, will ensure that we keep working to bring animals in from the cold.

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For over 150 years, the Cape of Good Hope SPCA has protected and cared for all animals. But we can’t do this alone. Make a donation today to fight animal cruelty and give animals a chance in life that they deserve.

Your continued dedication, ongoing support and passion for protecting the lives of animals is what makes us successful.

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