What a rubbish dog

What a rubbish dog . . .

When someone put little Lulu into a black rubbish bag – with the rest of their garbage – they made it clear that this dog was regarded as nothing more than a piece of trash. They threw her away, literally, before they even dumped the bag in a veld.

If this true story makes your blood boil and don’t want to read any further, we understand – but before you go, know that Lulu is safe now – and we’d appreciate your help to keep it that way.  Your donation, made by clicking here, will help her get the treatment she needs to heal and stay safe until we find her the home she deserves.

Thank heavens for Ricardo Daniel, the passer-by who heard muffled crying and couldn’t ignore it. Listening closely, he followed the source of the sound to a tightly closed black bag . . . and was shocked to find a terrified, whimpering dog covered in rotting rubbish when he opened it.

After contacting us, Ricardo stayed at Lulu’s side until we reached her. But it was only once she was safely in our Animal Hospital, did we realise the extent of her neglect.

Infested with ticks and fleas, this little crossbreed also had a skin infection. In addition to her hospitalisation, medicines and treatment, she also needs rehabilitation – all of which will cost about R20 000 … and she’s worth every cent. If you agree, please help now by clicking here to make your donation.

For Lulu, a weak, gentle soul, being unloved and unwanted was only part of her reality. She was also uncared for: no vet visits, no grooming, no attention, no love. For a dog, that’s a miserable life. You can help us give her a better life . . . your gift will help ensure she gets that precious second chance.

We’re determined to hold Lulu’s abuser accountable and have appealed for information. Your kind support now will also help our investigations team to follow up all leads.

Thank you in advance, for your kindness and compassion. Heaven knows, it’s what saves animals like Lulu.

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