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Cape of Good Hope SPCA - 2022.04-17 Howard Warrington - Swim4Survival Swim 95 d
Howard Warrington with his rescue Collie Cross Lily, who he calls his "shark spotter" and his wife Elmarie who is his skipper. She and Lily go along for every swim – it is too sweet to see how Lily keeps an eye on “dad”.

Howard Warrington got a salute from the Cape Long Distance Swimmers Association

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This was Howard’s first swim in sub 10 degree water. Brave man!

“They say that swimming in icy cold water is mind over matter… well, my mind was fine but my matter was frozen. I will be swimming my 100th Robben Island crossing late in May, in aid of SPCA.

It costs Cape of Good Hope SPCA R450 on average to rescue and rehabilitate one animal, and they receive hundreds. Your R450 will help them tremendously. Please support them and me by tapping the link below for more info and cool swim adventures pics, then click on “Donate now” to contribute.” – Howard Warrington

The Rescue Story of Monty the Mongoose 

Please recycle your plastic waste and cut the plastic bottle cap rings so they don’t pose a threat to wildlife. 

Please take a stand against littering, which often results in fatal injuries to both land and sea animals! 

Report any wildlife in distress by calling 021 700 4158/9 or after-hours on 083 326 1604 and remember, the work of this dedicated team would not be possible without YOU! 

R450 covers the cost of one wildlife rescue, rehabilitation and release and supporting Howard’s #Swim4Survival gets you a limited edition #Swim4Survival rally towel and cap. But Hurry! Stocks are limited.

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It’s not going to be easy but you can help make it worth it!

It costs us on average of R450 to rescue and rehabilitate just one wild animal and our wildlife department operates at a cost of almost at a million annually.

Help Howard raise his final goal of R120,000 for wildlife and the animals of the Cape of Good Hope SPCA


Cape of Good Hope SPCA - 2022.04-29 Howard Warrington - Swim4Survival Swim 96
Swim 4 Survival

Swim 96 – Swim4Survival

96th #Swim4Survival With An Average Sea Temperature Of 11° “They say that swimming in icy cold water is mind over matter… well, my mind was

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Smiles from Howard Warrington and his buddy Frank Smuts on the boat after Warrington's 94th "Swim4Survival" in aid of the Cape of Good Hope SPCA
Swim 4 Survival

Swim 94 – Swim4Survival

“#94 done, 6 to go. Another beautiful day. Lovely swimming with my bud, Frank Smuts on his 15th crossing. It costs the Cape of Good Hope SPCA

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Howard Warrington and his dog Lilly, a rescue collie, share a cuddle on the boat for Swim 93 of 100
Swim 4 Survival

Swim 93 – Swim4Survival

“Just when you think of having a lazy Sunday morning sleep-in, your skipper & Lily decides that it’s a swim day… Rise and shine buttercup.

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SPCA 2022.04 Swim 4 Survival
Swim 4 Survival

Swim4Survival – Press Release

IMMEDIATE RELEASE 08/04/2022 ONE MAN, ONE SWIM, ONE HUNDRED TIMES Endurance Sport-obsessed Howard Warrington will soon become the 4th person in the world to swim

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