Swim4Survival Howard Doubles Up

There and back again - Howard Warrington swims a double for the Cape of Good Hope SPCA

Howard Warrington got a salute from the Cape Long Distance Swimmers Association

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“Tough long swim today” – Howard Warrington

After becoming the 4th person in the world to swim from Blouberg to Robben Island one hundred times while pledging to raise R100,000 for the Cape of Good Hope SPCA, Endurance Sport-obsessed Howard Warrington decided to push that target to R120,000 and swim a double.

Having witnessed first-hand the extent of the pollution far from our shores, Warrington has made it his mission to act for animals whose habitats and lives are threatened by human action/inaction.

Cape of Good Hope SPCA 2022.05 Swim4Survival - Howard Warrington 101 Double Robben Island
15° & glassy 
Perfect conditions for a double crossing
Cape of Good Hope SPCA, for the love of animals


Howard smashed his fundraising total and raised a whopping R131,710 for animals and the Cape of Good Hope SPCA. We are blown away by his determination, effort, and dedication to the cause. It is humbling to witness the impact that one devoted human can make in saving our animals and ultimately our planet,  and we wish to extend our heartfelt thanks to Howard, his team, and all his supporters who have so generously donated to this campaign.

Cape of Good Hope SPCA 2022.05 Swim4Survival - Howard Warrington 101 Double reading

Time to Celebrate

After swimming 8 meters short of 18,000 metres for a gruelling 5-and-a-half hours, Howard put on his best suit and attended the Cape of Good Hope SPCA’s 150th Birthday Celebration Gala Dinner with his beautiful wife Elmarie, who is also his skipper. 

“Don’t stop me now, I’m having such a good time, I’m having a ball” – Howard Warrington

Howard’s swimming cap went on auction at the gala dinner and raised a whopping R5000 for the Cape of Good Hope SPCA!

Howard's Message of Thanks

To keep me going an invaluable team of people assisted me through this journey; my skippers Derrick Frazer & darling wife Elmarie Warrington, my weather watcher Frank Smuts, and crucial crew and dear friend Charl du Plessis. Without them, it would not have been possible. They do know what they were to me over these years. The biggest pleasure, of course, was to have our dog Lily Warrington on the boat, watching me through many crossings.

I also need to applaud every swimmer, from first timers to old hands who swam the crossing with me. Your energy made the goal of one hundred swims less difficult and even more memorable.

Last but not least I thank each and every person that extended goodwill and good wishes as the swims ticked over. Seeing so many faces become friends made it special in a way for which I have no words. Thank you all.

In closing I want to ask every person that chooses a dog, a cat or any pet, please be the team to that precious animal that my team was to me. I would not have lived to see a hundred swims without my team. Your pet cannot live without you.

Thank you, Cape of Good Hope SPCA, the real heroes!

It’s not going to be easy but you can help make it worth it!

It costs us on average of R450 to rescue and rehabilitate just one wild animal and our wildlife department operates at a cost of almost at a million annually.

Help Howard raise his final goal of R120,000 for wildlife and the animals of the Cape of Good Hope SPCA


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