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To Book please contact the studio directly by calling or sending a WhatsApp to 0217071299 or by emailing info@primalculture.co.za.

The Third Annual Tats4Tails Event Aims to Raise R70 000 For Animals Awaiting Homes

The Cape of Good Hope SPCA and Primal Culture Tattoo Studio have joined forces again to bring you the 3rd annual Tats4Tails event from the 24th to the 30th of January 2022. The event, sponsored this year by Coatings Inc and Ultra pet, will be supported by KFM’s Brandon Leigh and musical twin duo Peter and John Talmakes, (better known by their stage name the PJ Twins).  All 3 have committed to being lined for life in order to throw a rescued animal a lifeline during the upcoming tattoo-a-thon.  Tats4Tails will also see the return of the big-hearted singer/songwriter Craig Lucas and Journalist Venecia Valentine who supported the event last year and are coming back for more.   In fact, many well-known Cape Town faces have been inked by Primal Culture Tattoo Studio’s Clinton Naidoo over the past two events including; Cedwyn Joel, Jill Levenberg, Zoe Brown, Saya Pierce-Jones, Ryan Botha, Simon Orgill, Leigh-Anne Jansen and Tanya Nefdt.  

The SPCA bridges the gap between rescue and adoption for more than 1 000 animals every year as just one of our many animal cruelty prevention services.  It’s incredibly rewarding but it is also hard and expensive work to keep animals awaiting homes happy and healthy. It costs the SPCA on average, R100 per day to ensure that just one animal awaiting a forever home can be adequately cared for.   “We know the lines you get for life when you get a tattoo are already symbolic in so many ways but now they can mean so much more,” says Belinda Abraham, Spokesperson for the Cape of Good Hope SPCA.  “With a 7cm x 7cm tattoo costing only R700 and with all proceeds of the tattoo coming to the SPCA, getting just one tattoo means that the cost of caring for 7 animals will be covered for a day or that one animal’s costs are covered for an entire week of care.  You’re not just getting a line for life, you’ll be giving a lifeline too” she says.  

Clinton Naidoo, tattoo artist and owner of Primal Culture Tattoo studio says “being from the community, the Cape of Good Hope SPCA has always been of service not only to myself from a young age, but also to many animal lovers in Cape Town. In return, I have been honoured to offer my assistance in various ways since 1992. Finally, I was privileged to host the first SPCA Tats for Tails tattoo-a-thon in 2019 and I’m pleased that it has now become a very popular annual event. I see this as my way of giving back and helping animals.”

“We love this annual event and we are always amazed by the support we receive,” says Natasha Johannes, Peer to Peer Fundraiser and Special Events Coordinator for the Cape of Good Hope SPCA.  “Supporters can choose any 7x7cm tattoo design they like or bring their own along to their appointment. We also have a few surprises in store for our supporters so don’t miss out, book now to give and receive your lifelines”.  

The Primal Culture Tattoo Studio is located at Unit 3 Clarewood, 1 Annandale Road, Diep River.

Appointments must be made with the studio directly by calling or sending a WhatsApp to 0217071299 or by emailing info@primalculture.co.za.

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