Tats4Tails Raises R79800.00 For Animals Awaiting Homes

The SPCA #Tats4Tails event, held in partnership with Primal Culture Tattoo studio from the 24th to the 30th of January 2022 and made possible via the sponsorship of Coatings inc, Ultra Pet and Mango Marketing, saw the support of 114 individuals all being #lined4life while throwing 114 animals a #lifeline by covering their costs of care for 7 days!  

The Tats4Tails annual event which was first held in 2019, has always been well-supported but this is the first time that more than 100 people have stepped up to be tattooed for our cause.  “We hoped that as many as 100 people would participate in the event” says Natasha Johannes Peer 2 Peer Fundraiser and Special Events Co-ordinator for the SPCA “we could never have imagined that we would exceed that!  We are incredibly grateful to each and every person who showed their heart for animals and took part in the 7 day tattoo-a-thon”.

The event this year enjoyed the support of KFM’s Brandon Leigh and musical twin duo Peter and John Talmakes, (better known by their stage name the PJ Twins) and had singer/songwriter Craig Lucas, News Anchor Saya Pierce-Jones and Journalist Venecia Valentine, (who supported the event in 2020), coming back for more.   In fact, many well-known locals have been inked by Primal Culture Tattoo Studio’s Clinton Naidoo at Tats4Tails events over the years, these include; Cedwyn Joel, Jill Levenberg, Zoe Brown, Ryan Botha, Simon Orgill, Leigh-Anne Jansen and Tanya Nefdt.  

“Everyone who took part in the event are stars in our eyes” says Belinda Abraham, Spokesperson for the Cape of Good Hope SPCA, “but we couldn’t help but feel a little star struck by the many well-known Cape Town-ians who made a permanent commitment to animal welfare by taking part in our #Tats4Tails Tattoo-a-thon. We appreciate them using their influence to raise the profile of animals and further the cause of animal welfare”.  

The Primal Culture Tattoo Studio, newly located at Unit 3 Clarewood, 1 Annandale Road, Diep River, lent itself to an amazing tattoo experience for first timers and regulars alike! The studio reflects the colourful and artistic flair of owner Clinton Naidoo and the neon lights, 1950’s style diner kitchen and the glittering toilet only added to the fun of the event which may return for a second run in 2022.  “We are so pleased that the event was so successful and that we were able to give back in a way that benefits an organisation that does so much for animals and our community who loves them.  We look forward to hosting the event again, perhaps even later in this year.  We extend our heartfelt thanks to all who came out in support of the event, they are the real heroes here!”



BELINDA ABRAHAM 0833261620 frmanager@spca-ct.co.za

CLINTON NAIDOO 0217071299 or info@primalculture.co.za.

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