A Well-Deserved Rest for Ross The Rooster

None other than KFM’s mascot, Rocket was also motivated by Ross – resulting in the two big birds having a hilarious pre-race dash before race day

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What a journey it has been for Ross Dold aka Ross the Rooster, who captured the hearts of animal lovers and SPCA supporters in Cape Town and further afield. Not only did Ross strive to break a Guinness World Record by running the Sanlam Cape Town Marathon dressed in a bright chicken costume, but he used this ambitious project to raise funds for the Cape of Good Hope SPCA’s mobile clinics.

While the hot Cape Town weather prevented Ross from finishing the race in his heavy chicken costume, he still managed to run 25kms, which is more than half a marathon!

Ross also helped to inspire our Mobile Clinic operators to take to the streets and run themselves – and they completed the Peace Run on 15 October as a team.

Rooster and Penguin in Pre-Race Dash

None other than KFM’s mascot, Rocket, was also motivated by Ross – resulting in the two big birds having a hilarious pre-race dash before big race day on 16 October…

KFM’s penguin mascot “Rocket” and Ross the Rooster pose with SPCA’s Natasha Johannes at the Cape Town Stadium

Cape of Good Hope SPCA - A Well-Deserved Rest for Ross The Rooster Ross VS Rocket poster

The week after the marathon, Ross visited the SPCA to accept a special certificate of appreciation from Cape of Good Hope CEO, Moyo Ndukwana and to donate his Raymond the Rooster costume to the SPCA.

Raymond is now the most expensive bird at the SPCA – he’s worth more than R12 000.

During his visit, Ross also thanked the mobile clinic operators for their invaluable work in the community.

Ross’s fundraising efforts raised R52 442 – double his initial target.

We’re proud to have been associated with Ross the Rooster and grateful to this athlete who scored in the top five out of 172 fundraisers on the Sanlam Cape Town Given Gain events platform.


Thank you, Ross!

Good morning everyone

I would like to thank you all (one more time), for your overwhelming support of my SPCA campaign.

It is testament to the people I hold dear that this mailing list includes 70+ friends (and friends of friends).

With your support, R52 500 was raised for the SPCA.

And congratulations to the 3 raffle winners! (If I didn’t contact you directly, I’m sorry to say you were not one of them)

Yesterday, however, my marathon run was not quite as successful.

Combined with the heat, I was becoming hypoxic from breathing too much recycled carbon dioxide.

With cramps and dizziness kicking in, I abandoned my attempt at 25km.

I know my campaign was a success, and that was the greater focus.

But I am utterly disappointed to not have achieved my personal goal.

I’m not looking for sympathy or a pep talk, just please understand if I am grumpy for a day or two!

Thank you again for your kindness and generosity over the past few months – I’ve had countless moments of being emotionally overwhelmed by contributions, in any and every form.

I don’t know how (nor do I really want) to sign off this mail – 

You’ve made this incredibly memorable for me, so thank you. 

Ross the Rooster



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