Diary Dates 2020

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There are a busy few months ahead, so be sure to diarise these dates!


Friday 25 February 2020:

World Spay Day. We’ll be partnering with the City of Cape Town to assist with a Mass Animal Sterilisation Project. Follow us on social media for more information, and support this crucial campaign by making your donation.


Sunday 8 March 2020:

Cape Town Cycle Tour. Get ready to pedal for pets! Enter the race as a member of Team SPCA and raise funds to help us care for rescued, ill treated, stray and unwanted animals at our SPCA. Contact Natasha Johannes at awareness@spca-ct.co.za for details.



Saturday 11 April 2020:

Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon (OMTOM). Hit the road as a proud member of Team SPCA. Choose either the half (21km) or full 42 km race – and fundraise for us! Contact Natasha Johannes for details on awareness@spca-ct.co.za



May 2020 (date to be advised):

A must for all book lovers, our famous Bag-a-Bargain book sale takes place at Timour Hall Villa, Plumstead.


Date 2020 (date to be advised):

Woefie-Wandel is back for another tail wagging stroll through the vineyards. Keep an eye on our website and social media for details.



If you want to combine your love of sport and animals then this is the purr-fect place for you to make a difference!

It’s not going to be easy but you can help make it worth it!

Join Team SPCA team to run, cycle or participate in any other sports event and through the funds you raise along your journey you ensure that countless animals get the help and love they deserve.

Because change begins with someone like you.

Whether you like to run like a breeze, cycle like the wind, shake your tail feathers or just monkey-around, it all starts with unleashing the animal inside of you.

With the funds that you raise you will help us to continue to Speak for, Protect and Care for Animals. If you need any support along the way, our animal loving fundraising teams are here to help you have as much fun and raise as much money as possible.

Ready. Get set. Go and open this brochure for more information. Print it, email it, share it with someone you know who would like to make their race count for more!

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If these images make you angry, please step up now to #BreakTheChain by signing up to be part of Team SPCA for your chosen sport.

You can run for liberty, you can walk for Harley, sashay for Sasha, march for Misha or you can crawl for Roy – either way just do it for the love of animals! 

For all those who have been and those who remain #ChainedToPain!

Your fundraising effort makes a real difference in the lives of animals.

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