Team SPCA Cyclists raise over R175 000.00 to Keep Our Inspectors Racing to the Rescue

Team SPCA Cyclists Ready to Take on the 109KM Route for the Love of Animals

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45 Incredible cyclists answered our call to #Race2Rescue and cycled their hearts out in the Cape Town Cycle Tour on the 12th of March 2023. 

The team braved the grueling 109km route with a smile and by making every pedal push count for animals, raised over R175 000.00 to keep our Inspectors on the roads.   

“We can’t thank them enough” says CoGH SPCA’s CEO Moyo Ndukwana. “Imagine if the SPCA was unable to respond to reports of animal cruelty because we had no fuel in our vehicles.  We are honoured to have the support of these animal loving cyclists who were moved to act to ensure that never happens”.  

There’s no doubt that the route was tough and that these cyclists suffered many physical discomforts during their race but Team SPCA Cyclist Shivani Ghai says “My physical discomfort during the race was nothing compared to the suffering experienced by animals awaiting rescue from conditions of neglect or abject cruelty and that’s what kept me going”.

Our team of dedicated Inspectors may not have had their seats in a bicycle saddle on the 12th of March but it seems that they have more in common with our cyclists than they thought. “Animal rescue isn’t easy on animal-loving hearts” says Chief Inspector Jaco Pieterse. “It’s painful to witness the cruelty we see on a daily basis and we can’t help but feel inspired to keep pushing through that pain just like out Team SPCA cyclists until we realise a world where all animals are treated with kindness and compassion.”

We are reminded of the  words a world-famous cyclist, Lance Armstrong: “Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, or an hour, or a day, or a year, but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. If I quit, however, it lasts forever.”

Thank you Team SPCA Cyclists, you leave us with so much more than R175 000.00 in the bank, you leave us inspired!  It’s because of you that we are able to continue our important work and because of you that we will never give-up. 

Thank you for fighting cruelty alongside us, you’ve made a very real difference in the lives of animals and we so grateful for your unwavering commitment to our cause. On behalf of our entire team of Cape of Good Hope SPCA Inspectors, please accept our heartfelt gratitude.  We hope we’ll see you again next year.

Special thanks to our corporate sponsors VTH Consultants and Interworks without whom our participation in the Cape Town Cycle Tour would not have been possible. Our cyclists looked great on the road in their cycling gear designed by RedInk and manufactured by Velotex and we could spoil them with incredible goody bags thanks to Switch and House of JD  



If you want to combine your love of sport and animals then this is the purr-fect place for you to make a difference!

It’s not going to be easy but you can help make it worth it!

Join Team SPCA team to run, cycle or participate in any other sports event and through the funds you raise along your journey you ensure that countless animals get the help and love they deserve.

Because change begins with someone like you.

Whether you like to run like a breeze, cycle like the wind, shake your tail feathers or just monkey-around, it all starts with unleashing the animal inside of you.

With the funds that you raise you will help us to continue to Speak for, Protect and Care for Animals. If you need any support along the way, our animal loving fundraising teams are here to help you have as much fun and raise as much money as possible.

Ready. Get set. Go and open this brochure for more information. Print it, email it, share it with someone you know who would like to make their race count for more!

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If these images make you angry, please step up now to #BreakTheChain by signing up to be part of Team SPCA for your chosen sport.

You can run for liberty, you can walk for Harley, sashay for Sasha, march for Misha or you can crawl for Roy – either way just do it for the love of animals! 

For all those who have been and those who remain #ChainedToPain!

Your fundraising effort makes a real difference in the lives of animals.

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