Team SPCA Runs For Animals and Raises R160 000.00

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Team SPCA runners who took part in the Two Oceans Marathon were invited to a pre-race event at the SPCA

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It takes heart to take on the Totalsports Two Oceans Marathon but it takes a really big heart to take it on for animals. 

On the 15th and 16th of April 2023, 53 Team SPCA Athletes took up the challenge and ran their big hearts out for animals. 

46 runners took on the 21.1km half marathon and 11 runners took on the 56km ultra-marathon raising R160 000.00 in support of our work with animals. 

Cape of Good Hope SPCA CEO Moyo Ndukwana says, “the quote, ‘life is like a marathon,’ is often used to describe the challenges we all face in our daily lives. We can certainly say the Cape of Good Hope SPCA runs a metaphorical marathon in the ongoing fight against animal cruelty.  And while both marathons require heart and a clear end goal – ours is unique in that our finish line is very far from sight.  With as many as 45 000 animals passing through our gates annually, and in the face of escalating animal numbers and relentless reports of cruelty, the funding could not have come at a better time”. 

On the 14th of April, we had the wonderful privilege of hosting our runners at a pre-race function on site at the SPCA.  Here our runners had the opportunity to meet our team and spend time with the animals in our care.  

We couldn’t be more appreciative of these 53 runners who chose to go the distance for animals alongside us. A Marathon can be a lonely race and just like our runners, when we have team mates who believe in us, champion our cause and support our work, we draw the kind of motivation that can only come from knowing that we are not alone.

The fundraising landscape for animal welfare is a challenging one and we are thankful to the organisers of mass public paticipation events for allowing us to use this platform to raise funds for our cause.

Our grateful thanks also go to our event sponsors, Bravecto and One Day Only without whom our participation would not be possible as well as Velotex for their generous discount on the production of our running shirts, and Switch Energy Drinks and House of JD who provided our runners with some well-deserved spoils. 

Thank you all for running the marathon against animal cruelty alongside us.  We can’t do it without you.  

If you would like to join our team of athletes who do everything from walks to marathons, cycle tours, hikes and swims please get in touch with  us via the from below: 



If you want to combine your love of sport and animals then this is the purr-fect place for you to make a difference!

It’s not going to be easy but you can help make it worth it!

Join Team SPCA team to run, cycle or participate in any other sports event and through the funds you raise along your journey you ensure that countless animals get the help and love they deserve.

Because change begins with someone like you.

Whether you like to run like a breeze, cycle like the wind, shake your tail feathers or just monkey-around, it all starts with unleashing the animal inside of you.

With the funds that you raise you will help us to continue to Speak for, Protect and Care for Animals. If you need any support along the way, our animal loving fundraising teams are here to help you have as much fun and raise as much money as possible.

Ready. Get set. Go and open this brochure for more information. Print it, email it, share it with someone you know who would like to make their race count for more!

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If these images make you angry, please step up now to #BreakTheChain by signing up to be part of Team SPCA for your chosen sport.

You can run for liberty, you can walk for Harley, sashay for Sasha, march for Misha or you can crawl for Roy – either way just do it for the love of animals! 

For all those who have been and those who remain #ChainedToPain!

Your fundraising effort makes a real difference in the lives of animals.

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