Wanted: More heroes to stand beside our Inspectors

We don’t know what this white husky cross thought when Trainee Inspector Siviwe Noko climbed down into the storm-water canal where he was trapped last July.

Relief, no doubt – that he wasn’t down there on his own any more . . . in danger of slipping and falling into the rushing water. And trust in this softly spoken man.

And when he was gently lifted to safety, and made warm and dry again at our SPCA, we’re sure he thought Inspector Noko was nothing short of a super hero!


















The truth is that our Inspectors are not the only heroes when it comes to rescuing animals in distress.

It takes a whole team – from the person who notices something wrong and calls our SPCA, to all those animal lovers who help provide support – and online donations.

In the past, people like you have been a member of this ‘team’.

Their generous donations have helped buy vital equipment like catch-poles, nets, ropes and cages . . . torches, bolt-cutters, gloves and reflective wear . . .

And litres and litres of fuel to keep our vans out in the field.

But equipment wears out and fuel is an ongoing expense. And that’s why we’re  hoping we can count on your support  – and online donation – now.

Our super hero Inspectors are willing and able to do the dirty work. But they need to know you’re standing beside them in spirit . . . providing them with the tools they need to get the job done.

Yours might not be the hands that soothe a frightened dog like Yuki (as we called him) . . . or lift him to safety. But your donation is every bit as important in helping to save animals’ lives.

So please will you be a hero for animals – and stand beside our Inspectors in spirit as they go about their vital work?

Because this is why we do what we do . . . so that animals like Yuki (Japanese for ‘snow’) can be saved and given another chance of a happy life with loving new owners.  Please be part of the next rescue – by making your donation now towards the cost of equipment and fuel.

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For over 150 years, the Cape of Good Hope SPCA has protected and cared for all animals. But we can’t do this alone. Make a donation today to fight animal cruelty and give animals a chance in life that they deserve.

Your continued dedication, ongoing support and passion for protecting the lives of animals is what makes us successful.

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