Swim4Survival 2024

Howard Warrington’s Historic 200th Swim from Robben Island to Blouberg to Save Animal Lives

Hold onto your swim caps, folks! The waves are swelling, the currents are churning, and Howard Warrington, our very own Aquaman with a heart of gold, is about to make a splash that’ll be heard around the world. He’ll soon be the only man in history to complete the open water endurance swim from Robben Island to Blouberg 200 times. And he won’t only be making history, he’ll be saving lives with every stroke he gives during his 7.4km, 2-4-hour long endurance swim.

The stakes have never been higher for our animal hospital where we face a daily tidal wave of challenges. With an annual loss exceeding 5 million Rand and a projected influx of over 23,000 stray and surrendered animals in the coming year, the need for your life-saving support has never been more critical. Without your help, we’ll be in a sea of uncertainty. Please help us stay afloat! Throw an animal a lifebuoy with your donation made now.

We need your help!

R150.00 will keep a recovering animal warm, safe and comfortable

R165.00 provides a listless dog with a drip of essential fluids

R325.00 provides an animal with infection fighting anti-biotics

R460.00 provides intensive nursing care for 24 hours

R500.00 will keep an animal pain free while recovering from surgery or injury

R650.00 will cover the costs of sedation and small surgical procedures like wound cleaning and suturing

R660.00 will pay for an animal to be sterilised and prevent suffering before it starts

R1500.00 will cover the costs of emergency sterilisation resulting from a life-threatening pyometra

Complex surgeries like those to remove gut obstructions or repair broken bones can cost anywhere from R4000 – R10 000.00

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Howard’s 200th swim will be in the heart of Winter and he’ll face extremely cold water temperatures, the wind, unpredictable currents and the waves.  He’ll be pushing himself to the limits so we never have to reach ours! He’s proof that heroes don’t fly!  Sometimes, they wear Speedos and they dive in head first when they hear a cry for help! 

Anyone can be a Hero!  Make a splash! Dive in with your donation made now.

Your support can turn the tide for animals like Bo!

Without YOU and the SPCA, Bo’s fate would have been dire. Hit by a car and left with a broken, infected leg, he would have continued to suffer immensely on the streets. Stray animals like Bo only have the SPCA and YOU to turn to when they are hurt or sick. Bo received the critical surgery he needed thanks to your generosity, and now as opposed to a hopeless end, he’s enjoying a full, healthy and happy life. 

Countdown From Swim 195 to 200 With Us!

Turn the tide for animals in need. Donate today!

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