Wines2Whales #Ride4Freedom

For those wild at heart, there’s an indescribable thrill in conquering open trails and rugged terrains on two wheels, it’s a journey of pure, unbridled freedom. For the wild hearts of the animal kingdom, it’s home. And home to them is freedom.

From habitat destruction, to human intolerance, to poaching, to the exotic pet trade, our wild animals face numerous threats that endanger their survival and freedom.  That’s why our Wildlife Team is committed to their rescue, rehabilitation, and eventual release back into their natural habitat—because like us, freedom, is only found where they truly belong. 

Thanks to 8 brave Cyclists, the freedom of the ride meets the freedom of the wild in this year’s Wines2Whales cycling event.  From the wines of Lourensford to the whales of Hermanus, our cyclists will be tackling a 235km route in 4 teams over 3 days to support the work of the Cape of Good Hope SPCA’s Wildlife Team.

Now Imagine a world without it. No hoots piercing the night, no wings beating against the wind, no ripples disturbing the waters…..  It’s unthinkable.

Ready to make a difference? 

Support our Team SPCA cyclists’ #Ride4Freedom so that those who were born free, can live free.  And so that we never have to imagine a world without them in it.  In fact, we obligated to future generations to serve as stewards of the natural world and its precious biodiversity.


Meet our TEAM SPCA Cyclists

The Bucking Broncos

Howard Warrington & Lily

Howard Warrington

*Guinness World Record Holder for swimming the most Robben Island crossings to the mainland (183)
*English Channel crossing in 2018
*8 x Ironman triathlons
*6 x Comrades marathons
*26 x Cape Town Cycle Tours
*64 marathons & 243 half marathons

Endurance sport funatic 😀

I have 2 dogs, Lily (the sea dog) and Lucy. My old girl

The SPCA will always be one of my favourite charities because of my love for animals, and that SPCA prevents the suffering of abandoned animals and gives them a second chance at life.

Marius Erasmus & Lucy

*10 Leppin Ironman
*10 Comrades Marathons
*Best marathon 2h36
*Best 21 km – 1h11
*400 m hurdles SA champion 1986/1987
*National colours Athletics
*Provincial colours triathlon, road running, canoeing.

Animals are part of our families. It is our responsibility to keep them safe and take care of them, bringing joy to their lives. By supporting the SPCA we help neglected animals find new families and homes.

The Swamp Donkeys

Vernon Rudman

My journey and involvement with the Cape of Good Hope SPCA started as far back in 2017 when a very good cycling friend of mine, Sue Kirk asked me if I wanted to join her riding the famous Wines2Whales 3-day stage race mountain biking event as a SPCA brand ambassador. The idea was to raise as much funds as possible for the SPCA, not realising at the time that this decision to say yes would lead to me riding 5 more Wines2Whales as a SPCA brand ambassador. I’ve always been an animal lover and have owned horses, dogs, cats and even the occasional rat. Having seen the great work undertaken by the Cape of Good Hope SPCA, I have peace of mind that all my efforts and fund collection goes to a worthy cause. I am looking forward to the 2024 edition of Wines2Whales, riding with my cycling partner Liza Vivier, flying the flag for Team SPCA once again while fund collecting for this amazing organisation.

Liza Vivier

My name is Liza Vivier and I will be riding for Team SPCA with my cycling buddy, Vernon Rudman in the 2024 Wine 2 Whales race in aid of raising funds for SPCA Good Hope.

I have been cycling since 2012.

This year will be my 5th Wine 2 Whales race participation of which three was in aid for raising funds for SPCA Good Hope.

At present I do not have any pets, but it does not mean that I do not care for animals – tame or wild.

The SPCA plays a major role in taking care of all animals domesticated or wild and with their role comes high running costs.

We hope with our fundraising that we can contribute towards some of the much needed funds to assist the SPCA with their services.

The Last Lioness

Hannele Steyn

I was born with a hole in my heart and doctors said U would never be very good in sports. My company, Passion4Wholeness’ logo is a heart with a hole in it to remind me every day to be grateful for my health, is that I can inspire others.

Hi Natasha, I am riding for SPCA, because I love all animals and feel honoured to help with anything that will help them.

Janine Muller & Suena

I am Janine Muller, 42 years old and live in Pretoria. I love cycling. It makes me feel free and alive. I love the like minded people we meet on our bicycles. They have become friends for life. I love to be places my bike takes me.

I am a 3-time Cape Epic Finisher, have participated in and completed numerous multi-day stage races such as Cape Pioneer, Joberg2C, W2W, Tankwa Trek, Berg & Bush, Sani2C and a few more.

I’m very excited to represent such a worthy organisation! I grew up seeing the great work being done by the SPCA and as an animal lover it makes me happy to be able to support the work in a small way.

The Puffy Adders

Tienie Maree & Quintus

Cycling for me is about taking care of my physical and mental wellbeing. I enjoy the slog, to keep pushing when my body feels like giving up. But riding my bike is also about doing some good for the animals, the ones that aren’t fortunate enough to experience living a life of love and happiness. I have participated in 2 Munga’s (2022 & 2023) with the aim of raising funds for the Cape of Good Hope SPCA. In 2022 I managed to complete my first attempt by crossing the finish line 3 hours before the cut-off and in doing so raised over R50000. In 2023 we raised nearly R75000 during my Munga attempt, even though I was unable to complete the course due to suffering from heatstroke. My love for animals and their wellbeing is what keeps me motivated to keep on cycling and I am reminded of this each and every day when I am awoken by the kisses of my 2 fur-kids.

Christo Van Der Westhuizen

I’m Christo van der Westhuizen. I’m 43, originally from Cape Town and currently staying in Worcester. My wife Bianca and I have two daughters – Kara (13) and Lienka (10). I’m an anaesthetist by trade.

Riding bikes is an amazing way to experience nature and gives you an enormous amount of freedom!

I’ve been following Tienie’s rides and fundraising efforts over the past years and being able to help raise awareness for this amazing cause is an opportunity too good to pass up 🙂 I’ve known Tienie for over 20 years and to do it with him makes it even more exciting!

I love animals and the SPCA then comes as quite a natural cause to support. We have 3 dogs, 4 cats and two guinae pig running around, so home is pretty much a petting zoo! (pictures are following…!)

I’ve not been as active in racing as I could perhaps..

Over the last 5 years the memorable ones were the 2019 Karoo to Coast (the weather was dreadful!) and the Nova Eroica 2021 – amazing fun with a fixed route and time trial segments!

The Karoo Poison gravel race from 2023 was great – really windy, but managed 4th overall in the 99km race 🤷‍♂️

Your Donation Made Today will allow for injured, sick and displaced animals to find their way home to the wild, where they belong.

Equipped with a variety of pens, pools, aviaries, enclosures and a dedicated clinic to handle every species we commonly encounter (from bats to baboons, rabbits to raptors, porcupines to pigeons, seals to snakes), our Short-Term Wildlife Care Facility enables us to provide emergency treatment and short-term care to the widest range of wild animal species. 1 956 animals were admitted to this facility during the last financial year and our efforts extended far beyond our four walls. We actively aided a further 1 546 animals in the field to avoid the stressors relating to capture and transport unless this was absolutely necessary.

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