Get to know a real life hero – Inspector Moyo

They don’t come more dedicated than Inspector
Moyo, who prefers to work 7 days a week, 365 days
a year, rather than taking time off! We asked him
what makes him tick.

Q: Why did you become an
SPCA Inspector?
A: I would say I was born to
do it. From early childhood,
I’ve always loved animals.
Growing up all I wanted to
study was animal science.
I wrote my thesis on animal
nutrition and how small
farmers could improve the
way they feed their livestock.
Even then, I wanted to help
animals – I can’t understand
how people can ill-treat them.

Q: How do you keep doing the
work you do – given that
you must see some terrible
A: I couldn’t do anything
else. It’s something I do
because I love doing it. It’s
my passion. I want to do it
7 days a week, 365 days a
year; I never want to take
leave – they have to force
me to take time off! Of
course, there are cases that
drag you down and you feel
overwhelmed by your
emotions. But you keep
going, because the SPCA
really is making a difference.
A lot of the time what we’re
dealing with is ignorance,rather than deliberate cruelty.
For example, if a child has
grown up with the family dog
kept on a chain in the yard, the
child accepts this as the
normal way to treat a dog.
It’s only when someone comes
along, and points out that the
dog would be happier if it
could move around freely, that
change is possible.

Q: Is there a particular case
that stands out?
A: I pursued one case for
over 7 years – so it’s been a
big part of my life. It involved
a dog that was neutered by
its owner, without the benefit
of anaesthesia or pain killers.
What was remarkable was
that the man’s daughter, who
was only ten or eleven at the
time, reported her father to
the SPCA because she was
so upset by the dog’s
suffering. She even testified
against him in court because,
young as she was, she knew
this was not right. Her bravery
was an inspiration – something
I’ll never forget.