A Happy Tail for Rescued Donkeys, Jenny and Jack

It was pretty much love at first sight when she saw the Jenny and her foal.

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Towards the end of April, four donkeys were brought into the Cape of Good Hope SPCA as they were just wandering around on a farmer’s property. There were two female donkeys (known as “Jenny’s”), one male (a “Jack”), and a foal. 

They had clearly not been cared for as they were very thin and terrified of people. Mommy donkey had wounds in her mouth, presumably from being driven or ridden with wire in her mouth. Her foal did not leave her side.

We then had a visit from one of our very good supporters looking for a donkey to keep her Jack at home company.

It was pretty much love at first sight when she saw the Jenny and her foal.

We had to wait for the pound period to be over and then it was all systems go!

These two very special souls went to their new home yesterday and fitted in with the rest of the farm animals as if they had always lived there.

“Welcome to our home Simon and Jenny. You are now safe. Thank you to the @capespca for saving this mom and baby and caring for them. We are so proud to have you part of our family at our home @alpacainn_montagu”

Their new mommy, Yanic Klue from Alpaca Inn

Watch the heart-warming videos of these sweet donkeys, happy in their new home.

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