Dusty: From Wounded and Weary to Wonderful

Dusty, Loved at Last

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Dusty, emaciated and injured, had already covered 40km on foot along the N7 from Mamre, with an agonising 30km left to go before he reached his intended destination in Athlone. 

If someone hadn’t picked up the phone to call, we’re not sure he would’ve made it there. 

Inspector Jeffrey Mfini wasn’t prepared to let Dusty take another step

Dusty’s journey took an about-turn when our Inspector Jeffrey Mfini arrived. He was immediately seized and travelled the next 40Km to the SPCA’s Horse Care Unit in a horsebox, arriving at our facility just after 11pm the same night.

A New Chapter Begins

The 12-year-old Nooitgedacht-X pony’s wounds were treated, and he was introduced to a special diet designed to help him regain his strength and form. And he could rest his weary body at last.

His owner and accomplices are facing charges for contraventions of the Animals Protection Act No.71 of 1962 and while they haven’t yet had their day in court, it will come and when it does, we’ll speak for him. 

In the meantime, Dusty has another day worth celebrating – His “Gotcha Day”.

Adopted by a wonderful family in Velddrif, Dusty is now enjoying wide open spaces, the wind in his mane, all the food he can eat, a warm stable and most importantly love and respect. 

Just Look At Dusty Now

He has plenty of friends, even some Eland, which he isn’t too sure about yet! 

Thank You!

Our sincerest thanks go to every person who reports animal cruelty, every person who supports our work to stop it and every person who contributed directly towards Dusty’s Care. Your donations enabled us to respond when he was in desperate need and gave him a new life, free from abuse and suffering. 

Our heartfelt thanks to the Swartland SPCA as well who assisted with the pre-placement inspection of Dusty’s new home and the Andrew’s family for welcoming this special boy home. 

Outcomes like this make everything we do worthwhile! 

Read all about Dusty’s Rescue Here

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“We need hope, or else we cannot endure.” — Sarah J. Maas

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Over 80% of our funding comes from you! 

In fact, its the collective love and support of animal loving hearts like yours that keep our doors open. 

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Every Heart Counts

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