Best Friends – The Hare and The Hound

"It always amazes us how soft and gentle she is with other animals when we go on walks and with her sibling Houdini (the rabbit)."

Contrary to popular belief, our work is not Government funded.

Hearts for Hope celebrates the collective power of animal loving hearts.

Our hearts are full after receiving this letter from the fur-ever parents of one of our sweet doggies, “Chewie” who has now been christened “Pickle”.

Pickle with new mom and dad, Amy and Francois

Dear Simon and Cape of Good Hope SPCA Adoption Team

She has adjusted so quickly into her new home that it feels like she has been living with us for years. It always amazes us how soft and gentle she is with other animals when we go on walks and with her sibling Houdini (the rabbit).

She absolutely loves playing with all of her chew toys and also loves a good cuddle up just as much.

We have already taken her twice to puppy school where the instructor is just as amazed at how quickly she has transitioned into her new life with us.She has crept into our heart as she does with everyone she meets.

Amy, Francois, Pickle and Houdini Gericke

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