Love at First Sight for Two Happy Donkeys

When the family met Jeronimo and Jemima they immediately fell in love.

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Towards the end of April 2022, four donkeys were brought into the Cape of Good Hope SPCA as they were just wandering around on a farmer’s property.

They had clearly not been cared for as they were very thin and terrified of people. Mommy donkey had wounds in her mouth, presumably from being driven or ridden with wire in her mouth. Her foal did not leave her side.

In June 2022, two of the four donkeys Jenny and Jack were lucky enough to leave the SPCA for greener pastures and set off for their forever home.

Setting off for their forever home, Jenny and Jack leave the SPCA for greener pastures

This left Jeronimo and Jemima still looking for their forever home.

We were not ready to give up on looking for their chance for the perfect home.

We searched hard and long, and found the perfect family for Jeronimo and Jemima earlier this month!

When Carin & Tommy from Hopefield met Jeronimo and Jemima they immediately fell in love and offered a forever home for the two remaining donkeys. This was great news for our team!

Without any delay, we arranged for a home inspection to be done in Hopefield and the family passed the home inspection with flying colours.

Jeronimo first had to be gelded and not long after, the pair went to their forever home in Hopefield.

Both donkeys are now beloved pets at ease on a 22-hectare of secure land on which to graze.

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“We need hope, or else we cannot endure.” — Sarah J. Maas

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