Old Macdonald Has Something Better Than A Farm

Old Macdonald now Frodo on his Way to His Happily Ever After

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In a heartwarming display of compassion and community spirit, a once-abused pony has found solace and a place to call home. Thanks to the collective efforts of caring individuals, including a local community, the SPCA, and a compassionate individual who opened their heart, this pony’s story serves as a powerful testament to the transformative power of love and kindness.

Life was hard for Old Macdonald!  He was relentlessly driven by a group of children to whom he was forced to give “rides” and then beaten when, completely exhausted, he was unable to move anymore. 

Fortunately a compassionate resident of the Robinvale, Atlantis community made a call that day, a call that would ignite a chain of events and change the course of Old Macdonald’s life forever, a call to the Cape of Good Hope SPCA.

Old Macdonald just after his rescue in Atlantis
Just Look at him now! 

Jess Roode, an experienced horse enthusiast with a deep love and appreciation for these gentle giants, stepped forward to offer Old Macdonald a wonderful place to call home!

For the abused pony, the concept of “home” underwent a profound transformation. 

Once a place of torment and misery, his new environment is a haven of safety, love, and care. Gone are the days of neglect and abuse, replaced by an abundance of nourishing food, grooming, and a plenty of space for him to roam freely. And he has a new name – Frodo!

The remarkable transformation of this abused pony serves as a powerful reminder that animal rescue is a team effort. It’s through the collective compassion of our donors, a caring community member and incredible people like Jesse Roode, that this pony has been given the gift of a new beginning.  Thank you for the privilege of witnessing miracles like this and thank you for fighting animal cruelty alongside us. 

Read all about Old Macdonald’s Rescue here 

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