Rover the “Drowning Canal Dog” Goes Home

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Rover made headlines in the media after he was rescued from a canal earlier this year. 

The original post featuring his rescue reached more than 135 000 people online and securing his recognition as an SPCA celebrity. Read the article in The Cape Times

Inspector Siyabonga jumped into the white water current harnessed in protective gear from water and sanitation to rescue the distressed dog.  The dog clawed on for dear life to the extent where all four of his paws were bloody from trying to hold his position above water. 

Inspector Pulls Dog from Strong Current

Officer Geduld from Law Enforcement called the Cape of Good Hope SPCA about a drowning dog stuck in a canal in Lotus River. Inspector Siyabonga Mbukutshe and Cadet Inspector Lwazi Ntungele together with law enforcement officers Chuma Mpengesi, Sindi Mathews as well as water and sanitation representative Jack Ocane responded to the call earlier today.

Rover goes home after a dramatic rescue by the Cape of Good hope SPCA

This young man and his dad have stepped forward to adopt Rover, their first dog.

Watch the video featuring the young animal guardian accompanied by his father before they leave with Rover at their side. 

We wish Rover every happiness with his new owner, Timothy!

Here’s Rover Today…

With his loving new owner timothy, Rover has been rechristened “Turbo”.

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