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Our team at the Animal Hospital based in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town dedicates their time to helping animals in need. They provide excellent medical treatment for sick and injured pets.

Nancy Richards shares her experience with our Animal Hospital.

“Running on the usual beat without Putney, a young homeless man at the traffic lights called after me, ‘Hey, where’s your dog?’ ‘Sadly, in the dog hospital’, I replied. ‘Oh, then I’ll pray for her’ he said. ‘That is so kind, thank you, I really appreciate that.’

Well his prayers were answered because I picked up Putney today after several days stay from the Cape of Good Hope SPCA, well-loved, looked-after and with a neatly repaired hip, stitches and take-home tablets. Thanks to all the team who were so very kind at every visit – most especially to the unnamed vet who performed the op, to Chevon who greeted me with a big smile every time and Kerwyn who lifted her wobbly self into the car.

Blesssssssings to all at the SPCA in Grassy Park for your special care and commitment.”

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Thank you for helping our Animal Hospital to deliver veterinary care to the hundreds of animals who come through our doors.

Thank you for everything you do to help make this a better world for all animals.

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A Gift That Lasts Past A Lifetime

It was a bequest made by the late Val Gorfinkel that enabled our Animal Hospital to receive a much-needed revamp about 16 years ago. That upgrade helped ensure that 40 000 animals received veterinary help during the past year.

Find out how to become an Animal Guardian by leaving a gift for us in your will.

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