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Blake was exhibiting symptoms of stomach discomfort and vomiting when Jezreel, who is only 17 years old, brought him to the hospital on the 5th of December. Blake was admitted to our animal clinic and an aggressive course of treatment to manage his symptoms was started.

The next day, Blake had a running tummy and was still vomiting and in pain.  Our vet recommended exploratory abdominal surgery as a gut obstruction was suspected.  We couldn’t confirm the obstruction with X-rays, but our vet had a sinking feeling that there was a serious problem.

Unfortunately, Blake at only 17, didn’t have the money for the procedure.  It was easy to see how much he loved his dog.  This young boy was literally sitting inside the hospital cage with poor Blake and sobbing because he thought he might have to say goodbye for good to his fur friend.

In cases like these, we would normally have no choice but to put a suffering animal to sleep. But in this instance, the love between Blake and Jezreel was so moving that we couldn’t consider it.  Surgery was undertaken pro-bono within the hour and Blake was found to have ingested a mielie cob!  Mielie cobs are the common cause of gut obstructions, and they don’t always show up on X-rays.  The surgery was complicated, a section of Blake’s intestine had to be removed and it had to be meticulously rejoined to prevent a potentially life-threatening infection resulting from leakage. 

Blake pulled through and was monitored for several days after surgery and Jezreel came to visit his friend as often as he good. 

Blake was finally discharged on the 13th of December, and it raised our spirits to be able to give Jezreel his best friend back in time for Christmas. It was a heartwarming moment for all of us.

Our hospital operates entirely on your generosity, and more often than not, we are forced to have difficult discussions with pet owners and make tough calls just like these.  Your monthly donation can help us save lives and offer more deserving pet owners who can’t afford surgery the chance to be reunited with their fur friends.

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Your support can help save lives and bring joy to pet owners like Jezreel. Make a monthly donation and make a difference in the lives of furry friends in need. Let’s ensure more tails wagging with happiness this holiday season!

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Let’s ensure more tails wagging with happiness this holiday season!
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Blake suffering from gut obsctruction.
It was a heartwarming moment for all of us.

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