Doctors Prepare Luke For Surgery

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The "Luke" Series - Episode 2

Luke’s wounds are extensive and doctors have no idea what they going to find once they open up.

Just a few weeks after his traumatic escape from dogfighting, Luke remains determined to recover.

Luke was found completely collapsed.

After a lengthy pursuit and searching for the injured dogs in several private residences, the second call led the inspector to Luke. ” I loaded him into the SPCA vehicle and rushed him straight to our animal hospital in Grassy Park. On arrival at the hospital, Luke was unresponsive and the attending veterinarian initiated emergency treatment.”

“I thought he was going to die,” Mfini recalled.

Dr Stephanie Chatry gets Luke ready for pre-operation.

Luke is sedated in Theater 

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Luke is taken to theatre and prepared for surgery to repair the damage from his bite wounds.
Cape of Good Hope SPCA Animal Hospital
Cape of Good Hope SPCA Animal Hospital
Cape of Good Hope SPCA Animal Hospital

Our services include excellent veterinary care at our premises in Grassy Park and a fleet of four Mobile Clinics that serve indigent communities in the Cape Metropole.

Our hospital treats thousands of animals every year, and we rely on contributions from our loyal donors and corporate partners to subsidise veterinary care for pets of poorer owners.

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