Horse Care Unit to the Rescue!

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Airwolf when we first found him . . .

Thanks to expert action by our Horse Care Unit Manager, Lindsay Willis, and some willing assistants, a Grassy Park horse suffering from a life threatening case of colic was saved.

Airwolf was helped to a standing position and walked around for about 20 minutes to ease his pain. His story might have ended very differently if not for the quick thinking member of the public who called us to the scene. Please report any animal in distress to our Inspectorate team on 021 700 4158/9 or after hours on 083 326 1604. Together we can save animals’ lives.


and when he was finally able to stand up.

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Thank you for helping our Animal Hospital to deliver veterinary care to the hundreds of animals who come through our doors.

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Contact Our Inspectorate

The SPCA is the only organisation that offers a 24-hour Inspectorate service.

Contact our Inspectorate by calling us on
(021) 700-4158/9
083 326 1604 (after hours)

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A Gift That Lasts Past A Lifetime

It was a bequest made by the late Val Gorfinkel that enabled our Animal Hospital to receive a much-needed revamp about 16 years ago. That upgrade helped ensure that 40 000 animals received veterinary help during the past year.

Find out how to become an Animal Guardian by leaving a gift for us in your will.

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