A Day with Cape Town Pet Upliftment Project (CTPUP)

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With the sponsorships received through the Cape Town Pet Upliftment Project (CTPUP) from Tony and Jenny Buckner, 3 cats have now been to the SPCA to get sterilised and vaccinated. 
Yanic Klue of @Frits Dog Hotel and Daycare Centre managed to get pet carriers/crates sponsored by M-Pets which were used to fetch the cats and take them to the mobile clinic. 
“It was like a well-oiled machine and Melvin and his team were just amazing. Thank you,” says Yanic.
Thank you M-Pets for the carriers, and Yanic for making the video, “a day with Cape Town Pet Upliftment Project” – also thank you for sharing our hope that all pets in our community can be sterilised, regardless of the financial means or background of their owners.
Featured in the video is cat-lover and owner Jon, who lives in a shack on the mountain near the noon gun. Jon has lived in this area of the Bo-kaap his whole life. 

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Arriving at the SPCA Mobile Clinic at @Frits

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