A Barefoot Hero: SPCA Trainee Inspector Takes Animal Rescue to New Heights

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In a display of unwavering commitment to the cause of animal welfare, Lindo Mbele, a trainee inspector from The Cape of Good Hope SPCA fearlessly climbed a towering tree, standing over 25 meters tall -entirely barefoot, to save a helpless kitten from imminent danger.

The over 25m Tree Trainee Inspector Lindo Mbele climbed to reach the kitten
A Kitten in Distress

On Sunday 2nd of July 2023 a family from Belgravia, Cape Town had a sleepless night. Their kitten had scaled the tallest tree in their garden and no amount of coaxing could bring her down. 

The kitten, in clear distress was almost at the top, essentially trapped and hanging on for dear life. 

In the early hours of Monday 3rd of July 2023, the family called on our Inspectorate for help.

Trainee Inspector Lindo Mbele To the Rescue

When our Trainee Inspector arrived, the pitiful meowing he could hear drove him to action.  Surveying the tree, and estimating the branch placement on the way to the top, he felt confident he would be able to climb it. 

 “I observed the tree and I concluded that I can climb it as there were many branches to use as a foothold but I would have to do it barefoot. I also knew I wouldn’t be able to climb up with a cat carrier because I needed both my hands free” says Trainee Inspector Mbele. 

This called for some creative thinking on his part and so and emptying out his backpack to use as a makeshift carrier and removing his socks and shoes to ensure the best possible grip on the branches, our bare-footed hero took on the giant of a tree.

One step (branch) at a time
There's long climb ahead
Barefoot and using the branches as his step ladder
Can You Spot Trainee Inspector Lindo Mbele? 

Watch as he puts the cat in his backpack, slings it over his shoulder and with his mission accomplished begins his descent. 

Love Makes You Brave

“It took me about 25 minutes to reach the kitten” says Trainee Inspector Lindo, “and then she needed some convincing to come to me and even more to get her in my bag. I climbed down slowly because I needed to keep checking on her.  I was in the tree for over an hour but it was worth it when I was able to give her back to the family who love her”.  

Fortunately, both our Trainee Inspector and the adventurous kitten were soon safely back on the ground – much to the relief of her very thankful owners.  Aside from being hungry, thirsty and cold, the little kitten was surprisingly unscathed. 

Trainee Inspector Lindo Mbele and the kitten he rescued safely back on terra firma

Chief Inspector Jaco Pieterse says “Trainee Inspector Lindo Mbele, driven by compassion, showed remarkable courage in the face of a daunting rescue operation. I think he’s a hero.

Apart from being hungry and thirsty, the kitten was unharmed
Trainee Inspector Lindo Mbele with the kitten he rescued after a more than 25m barefoot climb

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