A Boot Call

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Mr Rashied, a resident of Wynberg, witnessed a motor vehicle accident in his neighbourhood.  He stopped to assist, then heard a bleating noise coming from the boot of the Corolla.  

The incident 

A blue Toyota Corolla crashed into a white Corsa bakkie.  The driver of the vehicle was unlicensed,  the vehicle itself was unlicensed and there was a further indication that the driver was inebriated.  Mr Rashied, who was first on the scene, heard the noise coming from the boot of the Corolla and asked the driver to open up, only to discover a sheep in distress.  He immediately called the South African Police Service (SAPS) and informed Cape of Good Hope SPCA about the incident.

Cadet Insp. Mark Syce dispatched to the scene

“I arrived at the scene to find SAPS busy with the driver of the unlicensed vehicle, Mr Rashied and another member of the public assisted me to safely remove the sheep from the boot of the vehicle and into the SPCA vehicle.  I untied the sheep and put on a blindfold to calm her nerves” reported Inspector Syce.

A warning to both the owner of the sheep and the driver of the vehicle was issued.. “I explained to the driver of the vehicle that he had improper transportation and that he was not allowed to tie the sheep. In the time that I was busy with the owner SAPS took the driver away which I assume to be processed” said inspector Syce.

Sheep safe at SPCA Farmyard 

The sheep was bought on the day of the incident for slaughter when the owner and driver contravened the Animal Protection Act in terms of transportation, in that there was no proper ventilation, no natural light and the animal was tethered. 

The distressed sheep was removed and transported to the SPCA Farmyard facility.

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