Another Dogfighter Taken Down

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Another One Down, Many More To Worry About

Another dogfighter was stopped in his tracks yesterday and spent last night behind bars! 

Chief Inspector Jaco Pieterse and Inspector Mark Syce responded to a video tip-off received yesterday, and armed with a warrant,  removed 3 Pitbulls from a property in Ocean View. 

The suspect was arrested with the assistance of Law Enforcement’s Animal Control Unit and will face charges relating to the Contravention of section 2 of the Animals Protection Action No.71 of 1962 

We see it too often

Fighting dogs never win, even when they win they fight because there will be no veterinary treatment to ease their pain, no comfort and no care and they will have to do it all over again, the next day, next week or next month and this Boy is evidence of this.  He had the tell-tale pattern of scarring on his legs, that speak of the fights he has endured and an abscess under his jaw that resulted from an untreated bite wound. 

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