Cape Town man convicted for begging with puppies, cruelty and assault

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A Cape Town man has been found guilty by the Cape Town Magistrates Court for animal cruelty, obstruction, assault – and for using animals to beg for money, which is a violation of the City of Cape Town Animal Keeping By-law.

Earlier this year, Cape of Good Hope SPCA inspectors, with the assistance of City of Cape Town Law Enforcement, had apprehended Selwyn Taylor, a ‘serial’ puppy seller who also uses these animals to solicit money from members of the public.

Taylor, in his 30s, had been arrested twice in the space of a week earlier this year. He had become aggressive when the SPCA’s inspector tried to remove the puppy on one occasion and also assaulted Mayco Member for Urban Mobility Roberto Quintas, who had attempted to help the inspector.

Exploiting animals – and people’s kindness

Following his recent court appearance, Taylor was sentenced to a fine of R1 000 or 30 days’ imprisonment with a further three-year suspended sentence of a fine of R2 000 or 60 days’ imprisonment.

“After receiving many complaints from members of the public, we warned Taylor several times to stop, and also confiscated the animals he was trying to sell, but he continued regardless,” said Chief Inspector Jaco Pieterse.

“We hope this conviction sends a strong message to those who exploit animals – and people’s kindness – and deters them from using pets to solicit donations from concerned Capetonians.

“We also urge members of the public not to give money to beggars using animals. It’s the worst thing to do. Rather call the Cape of Good Hope SPCA and we’ll take the animal into safekeeping.”

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Selwyn Taylor Selling Puppies
Taylor, in his 30s, had been arrested for selling puppies twice in the space of a week earlier this year.

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