Community Outreach in Du Noon – Taking Steps Against Dogfighting

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On 12 September 2023, the Cape of Good Hope SPCA Inspectorate and Mobile Clinics embarked on a heartfelt journey to the Du Noon informal settlement. Our mission? To illuminate the darkness that dogfighting casts on innocent lives.

Our Achievements:

We conducted a comprehensive education session to make residents aware of the devastating impacts of dogfighting and instruct them on proper animal care.

  • Our dedicated team was able to examine 27 animals—26 dogs and 1 cat—brought forth by the compassionate residents.
  • Taking a step further, 7 dogs were admitted for sterilization, ensuring healthier futures.

Our Vision

Every week, through our outreach programmes, we disseminate informative brochures shedding light on the heinous crime of dogfighting. Our core aim is not just to educate, but also to weave bonds of trust within these communities. The stronger these bonds, the higher the chances of dogfighting cases being reported to us. And guess what? Our efforts are bearing fruit! We’re seeing an uptick in dogfighting reports from these regions.

Our Broader Purpose

Apart from taking a stance against dogfighting, our outreach programmes intend to:

  • Guide communities on basic animal husbandry care.
  • Promote the humane treatment of their beloved pets.

The response? Heartwarming. Communities are welcoming us with open arms, evident from the number of pets and their owners benefitting from our initiative.

Our Reach

We’re not limiting our efforts to one place. Every week, we’re in different areas, spreading the same love and education.

This year alone we conducted 18 such outreach projects in various communities (this is over and above our daily mobile clinic visits to various areas).

A Big Thank You

None of this would be possible without support. A special shoutout to Medinox for standing by us in our relentless fight against dogfighting.

Join us, support us, and be a beacon of hope for innocent lives. Together, we can make a difference. 🐾❤️

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