Defiant offender’s second arrest within a week

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Cape of Good Hope SPCA received several complaints from members of the public claiming the same culprit is again stationed at one of his frequented corners using puppies to beg for money. Mr Selwyn Taylor was arrested last week and taken to the Cape Town Central SAPS after obstructing Chief Inspector Jaco Pieterse and assaulting Cllr Roberto Quintas of the City of Cape Town. Taylor first appeared before the Cape Town Magistrates Court on Tuesday 8 February and was released with a warning after he spent two nights in holding at the Cape Town Central Police Station.

On Monday, 14 February, Chief Inspector Jaco Pieterse together with Law Enforcement and Sea Point City Improvement Districts (CID) security patrol arrested Mr Taylor again on the same charges for contravention of the Animal Protection Act and the Animal Keeping By Law, 2021. Denying any animal water is a contravention in terms of Section 2(1)(c) of the Animals Protection Act. Begging with an animal is a contravention in terms of the Animal Keeping By Law, 2021.

The now serial offender’s modus operandi includes having the puppies vaccinated at a local vet in Sea Point and then uses them to solicit money or sell them on the street. The Cape of Good Hope SPCA has launched an investigation into the source of the puppy supply chain and practices supporting their increased marketability with vaccination.

The second batch of puppies were confiscated and transported to the Cape of Good Hope SPCA hospital by Inspector Werner Taljaard for veterinary checkup and safekeeping.

Cape of Good Hope SPCA has made an urgent appeal to members of the public not to support begging with or sale of puppies.

Please report any matters of animal cruelty to the SPCA by calling our Inspectorate on 021 700 4158/9 and report any selling of puppies or using of animals for begging to Law Enforcement by calling 021 596 1999

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Selwyn Taylor second arrest 14 February 2022

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