Dog Confined to Kennel, Confiscated

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The Cape of Good Hope SPCA confiscated a dog that required veterinary treatment after the owner failed to comply with warnings issued and, in an attempt to hide the dog from the SPCA, confined the dog to its kennel with no light or ventilation.

SANDDRIFT – A complaint was lodged with the Cape of Good Hope SPCA regarding a pit bull-type dog that required veterinary care, which the owner failed to provide. Without hesitation, our Inspectorate investigated the matter.

The investigation

The case was assigned to Inspector Jeffrey Mfini for investigation. Upon arrival at the Sanddrift property, Jeffrey met the owner at the gate and explained the complaint received to the owner. The owner refused to allow Jeffrey into the property to conduct an inspection unless he told him whom the person was that complained.  

The SPCA has a policy whereby the complainant’s details are never revealed, regardless of the circumstances. Jeffrey explained this to the owner, who insisted that he would not allow the SPCA onto his property if he were not provided with the complainant’s details.

Jeffrey could see the dog called Diesel from the gate and saw Diesel’s front right leg appeared to be swollen and had a wound. Diesel also had a growth on his stomach, appeared to have a skin condition and was covered with ticks. This prompted Jeffrey to issue the owner with a warning, giving the owner 48 hours to provide Diesel with veterinary treatment. The owner started to get hostile towards Jeffrey and refused to sign the warning.

The owner told Jeffrey that he would only euthanise Diesel once he had found a replacement puppy.


The team conducted two further follow-up inspections. However, Diesel was nowhere to be seen.  Several attempts have been made to contact the owner, to no avail. The owner did not answer any phone calls from our Inspectors and ignored our warnings. No veterinary report was forthcoming either.

The non-compliance from the owner resulted in Jeffrey having to obtain a court order in terms of the Animals Protection Act 71 of 1962, read together with Regulation 468, to enter the Sanddrift property and confiscate Diesel.

Execution of Court Order

With court order in hand, the team returned to the Sanddrift property to confiscate Diesel. This was after the team executed two (2) court orders earlier in the day to confiscate other animals that were also subjected to cruelty. Upon arrival at the property late in the evening, Jeffrey and Inspector Siviwe Noko (aka “general”) executed the court order with the assistance of the Milnerton South African Police Service (SAPS).

When Jeffrey and Siviwe entered the property, they found Diesel confined inside his kennel. The team could see that Diesel had to be confined to his kennel on a regular basis, if not permanently, as a satellite dish was fixed to the kennel with a latch.

The team safely removed Diesel from his kennel and confiscated him. Diesel is now in the safe care of the Cape of Good Hope SPCA, receiving veterinary care for his wound and skin condition.

When Jeffrey and Siviwe were offered overtime for working after hours to rescue Diesel, both Inspectors refused. “We do this out of love” Siviwe informed his supervisor.

Criminal Charges

The owner will now face criminal charges in terms of the Animals Protection Act 71 of 1962 for failing to provide Diesel with veterinary care and for enclosing him inside his kennel, which affords inadequate space, light and ventilation.

Any person found guilty of animal cruelty could face a fine of up to R40,000 and/or 12 months imprisonment with a criminal record.

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Dog Confined to its kennel in an attempt to hide the dog from the SPCA Inspectors.

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