Dog Swung and Flung Head First into a Fight

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The "Luke" Series - Episode 1

Luke Skywalker, an adult male cross Pitbull, had a narrow escape from the cruel hands of young boys in Cafda, Retreat last week. The boys were caught red-handed in the act of animal cruelty, engaged in dogfighting. 

A member of the public reports the incident

A member of the public who witnessed the incident notified the inspectorate. The cruelty report was received at 13h40 on Wednesday 11 August by the Cape of Good Hope SPCA control.

Inspector Carina Bodenstein attended to the initial call and received video evidence from the complainant. She immediately dispatched Inspector Jeffrey Mfini to the scene – “Please inspect as per video received. Complainant has the suspects and dogs insight. Please contact the complainant to meet. The dogs are spun in circles then let go to fight each other”.

"I received a call and was given the address by control. The suspects had already left and moved to another location after being tipped off.”

Inspector Jeffrey Mfini on scene

“I met with the person who lodged the initial complaint, who led me to the new location in front of the Douglas Murray Old Age Home in Cafda, Retreat. On arrival, we found three teenage boys identified in the same clothing as the video clip submitted to the Cape of Good Hope SPCA. The boys refused to provide me with details on the whereabouts of the dogs involved in the fight,” Inspector Mfini reported.


At this point, the Cape of Good Hope SPCA called in reinforcement from Law Enforcement to assist. “I received a second call from control to inform me another person called to report a badly injured stray laying in front of their property,” said Mfini.


In the interim, the main suspect avoided Inspector Mfini’s questioning in a rather audacious manner leaving the SPCA inspector somewhat hot under the collar with no alternative but to read him the riot act. “I was upset and angry, nothing he was saying to me made any sense and he was laughing at me as if this was a joke to him.”

Luke was found completely collapsed

After a lengthy pursuit and searching for the injured dogs in several private residences, the second call led the inspector to Luke” I loaded him into the SPCA vehicle and rushed him straight to our animal hospital in Grassy Park. On arrival at the hospital, Luke was unresponsive and the attending veterinarian initiated emergency treatment. “I thought he was going to die” Mfini recalled.


Cape of Good SPCA pressing charges

Chief Inspector Jaco Pieterse confirmed the SPCA is proceeding with charges of animal cruelty.

“We need to speak out for the victims of dogfighting and ensure that justice is served. Dogfighting is the root of many evils, especially for our youth. If we do not combat dogfighting from a young age it will result in a violent society where our boys turn into violent men that get involved with other crimes like drugs, illegal gambling, illegal firearms and domestic violence”

Watch the video (not for sensitive viewers)

Video evidence showed Luke, being grabbed by his hind-legs then swung through the air several times before being flung headfirst into a fight.

The Cape of Good Hope SPCA will document Luke’s recovery and rehabilitation on social media in the coming weeks.

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