From Neglect to Transformation: Tiny’s Rescue Journey

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In a heart-wrenching case of neglect, Tiny, a small Maltese-type dog, was rescued from a property in Mitchells Plain. Her severely matted coat made walking a painful ordeal, but her journey to transformation began when she was taken to AtFrits Dog Parlour, where compassionate groomers worked diligently to restore her to a state of health and happiness.

The Shocking Discovery

When Inspector Werner Taljaard arrived at the property, he peered over the short wall and immediately noticed the plight of a small dog named Tiny. Her matted coat had become a tangled mess, making it difficult for her to walk. The visual state of Tiny’s fur was enough to raise concerns about her overall well-being.

The Encounter with the Owner

Eager to understand why Tiny had been subjected to such neglect, Inspector Taljaard confronted the owner. The owner’s nonchalant response was shocking as they dismissed Tiny’s appearance by jokingly referring to her as their “Rasta dog.” This callous attitude revealed the lack of responsibility and care given to Tiny, further cementing the need for her rescue.

Tiny’s Distressing Condition

Upon closer inspection, Inspector Taljaard discovered the severity of Tiny’s condition. Her matted coat was not only a tangled mess, but it was also accompanied by a distressing combination of faeces and an overwhelming stench. The extent of matting extended to her legs, impeding her ability to move comfortably. It was clear that Tiny’s situation was dire and required immediate intervention.

The SPCA Intervention and Rescue

Due to the owner’s blatant neglect and Tiny’s poor condition, the owner was compelled to sign her over to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). This step ensured that Tiny would be removed from the hazardous environment and placed under the care of professionals who could address her physical and emotional needs.

atFrits owner Yanic Klue, a long-time supporter of the SPCA who also recently adopted rescued donkeys Jenny and Jack made sure Tiny received the pampering she needed. 

Did you know?

Click to read about the CTPUP

Yanic Klue was instrumental in founding the Cape Town Pet Upliftment Project with the Cape of Good Hope SPCA, to help pet owners from disadvantaged backgrounds to microchip, vaccinate and sterilise their pets.

AtFrits Dog Parlour: A New Beginning

Tiny’s journey towards recovery began when she was taken to the esteemed grooming parlour, AtFrits. With a reputation for excellence and compassion, AtFrits was well-equipped to handle Tiny’s case. The dedicated team of groomers and caregivers at AtFrits understood the significance of their role in transforming Tiny’s life.

The Transformation

Under the expert care and gentle touch of the AtFrits staff, Tiny’s transformation began. The first step was to address her matted coat, which required careful and patient grooming techniques. The groomers worked tirelessly to remove the tangles and knots, gradually unveiling Tiny’s true beauty beneath the neglected exterior.

A New Lease on Life

Beyond the physical transformation, AtFrits provided Tiny with the love and attention she had been deprived of. Through socialisation with other dogs and dedicated one-on-one care, Tiny regained her trust in humans and found solace in her newfound companionship.

PHOTO: A newly transformed Tiny cuddles up to Yanic Klue at atFrits, with the SPCA’s Mobile Clinics team

Tiny's Turnaround: Journey to a Loving Fur-Ever Home

Inspector Werner brought in Tiny in a shocking condition, now she has set off to her new home after loving care by our Adoptions Team and vets

Tiny (Before photos)

Tiny (After photos) – going home!

Home at Last!

What a wonderful message and photos we received from new dog-mom, Jana:


Dear SPCA Adoptions Team


She has come so far. We are feeding her regularly and hope to see her thrive soon. She is so thin, but she is healthy and happy.


The story of Tiny’s rescue and subsequent transformation at AtFrits Dog Parlour is a testament to the power of compassion and proper care. From a neglected and mistreated state, Tiny emerged as a shining example of resilience and the remarkable ability of animals to recover when given the right support.

Through the dedication of Inspector Taljaard, the intervention of the SPCA, and the expertise of AtFrits, Tiny’s journey serves as a reminder of the importance of responsible pet ownership.

Unveiling Beauty: AtFrits' Skilled Groomers Restore Tiny's Happiness.

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