Gang of Three Confiscated

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Inspector Mark Syce made quick work rescuing ill-treated Pitbull terriers yesterday with the support of the South African Police Service (SAPS) and Cape Town Law Enforcement officials. This followed after several warnings issued fell on deaf ears requesting the owner to seek veterinary treatment.

Syce approached the Kuilsriver Magistrates’ court with an application on Wednesday 9 March wherein he stated, “In terms of my duties as an officer of the SPCA and our objects, especially to prevent the ill-treatment of animals, I may, where necessary, exercise the powers in terms of Section 8 read with section 5(1) of the Animals Protection Act 71 of 1962 pertaining to the search, seizure and destruction, where necessary of animals. I verily believe that it is necessary for me to make use of the powers provided for by the Animals Protection Act 71 of 1962. I, therefore, request an order in terms of section 8(1) of the Animals Protection Act 71 of 1962 and Regulation 468 (where appropriate) to examine the conditions in which the aforesaid animal is kept and if necessary remove the aforesaid animal to prevent further suffering”.

On their arrival, a gentleman who Inspector Syce encountered previously on a routine inspection approached the property from a neighbouring house and asked “Why are you taking the Pitbull in good condition, he belongs to me”. The inspector responded, “when I asked you the other day who these dogs belong to you told me they belong to someone else, I am here with court order now and I am seizing all the animals on the property”.

A volatile situation escalated with the owner obstructing Inspector Syce whereafter he instructed the SAPS official to arrest the owner. SAPS officials then identified the owner as a known gangster and asked the Inspector to wait for more backup to arrive before matters escalate. There were more “gang supporters” standing nearby. A few minutes later more Police and Law Enforcement officials arrived. The owner then backed away.

“I had to jump over the sidewall, with spikes, to get to see what was going on at the back of the house where I discovered two emaciated Pitbulls with a lot of bite wounds. I then waited for my colleague Inspector Werner Taljaard to come with the bolt cutter to cut open the lock. Once we gained access we had to move a lot of beer crates to get to the two dogs. We then removed the dogs from the property and loaded them into Inspector Werner Taljaard’s vehicle. We noticed bite wounds and one Pitbull had a huge gaping hole on the side of his face. The dogs were in terrible condition.”

It appears the healthy Pitbull in good condition was kept in plain line of sight as a front to conceal the real cruelty perpetrated at the back of the property. All three male Pitbull terriers were confiscated and transported to the Cape of Good Hope SPCA Animal Hospital for veterinary examination and treatment. “We booked the dogs into the SPCA hospital where they were so hungry and thirsty they drank their water bowl dry immediately and ate all their food instantly”, Inspector Syce concluded.

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