Harare SAPS Disappoints After Dog Fighting Raid

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On the 5th of May 2023, the Cape of Good Hope SPCA, supported by the City of Cape Town’s Law Enforcement, raided a property in Monwabisi Park after receiving information about dog fighting taking place on the property.

At the location, several dogs were found living on short, static chains and several presented with scarring patterns synonymous with dog fighting. Also on the property was a dog fighting pit, complete with blood evidence.

The evidence found on site gave the SPCA sufficient cause to arrest the accused (who cannot be named at this stage as he has not yet appeared before a court), on suspicion of animal fighting and other contraventions of the Animals Protection Act No.71 of 1962.

The suspect was taken to the Harare South African Police Services (SAPS) and detained.

A criminal docket was opened by our Inspectors but unfortunately, the Harare SAPS failed to register the case and released the suspect without following due process.

The Cape of Good Hope SPCA Lodged a Formal Complaint with IPID and Western Cape SAPS

The Cape of Good Hope SPCA lodged a formal complaint against the Harare SAPS with both the Western Cape SAPS and the Independent Police Investigation Directorate (IPID) for failing to register the case, failure to follow due process and for releasing the accused without formally charging him. Subsequent to this, a case was registered by the Harare SAPS under CAS 214/05/2023 against the accused on charges of animal fighting in terms of Section 2(1)A of the Animals Protection Act and charges of animal cruelty in terms of Section 2 of the Animals Protection Act.

We Refute Allegations of Human Rights Violations

The SPCA faultlessly followed due process but have since, as a result of the inadequacies / apathy / incompetence of the SAPS Harare office, faced a ruthless onslaught by way of a barrage of false accusations, including an alleged infringement of the accused’s human rights.  The SPCA is an organisation that holds a deep respect for the law, and we would never proceed with an arrest unless we had compelling reasons to do so. We stand firmly behind the validity of our allegations, and we will continue to do so until the matter is resolved in court. We are confident that the evidence we have gathered will speak for itself and support our case against the accused. 

Dog Fighting is Cruel

Dog fighting is an inhumane blood-sport where dogs, who have been bred, conditioned and trained to fight, are pitted against each other to fight. In most cases dog fights are for spectator entertainment and financial gain.

Most dogs that are used for fighting live a miserable life where they are kept chained or caged in poor living conditions for most of their lives.

Thank You for fighting dog fighting alongside us!  Please know that we will never give up, even when we are faced with difficulties like these.  

To find out more about dog fighting, please click here 

One of the dogs found with scarring patterns synonymous with dog fighting

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