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Toby’s story began with a call to the SPCA when a hero voice from the community spoke out for him. Allegedly punished by his owners through starvation after an attack on a cat, an emaciated Toby was found confined to a small alley beside his home. Found on the same property was a severly neglected Blikkies. Here is the story of two dogs, saved and rescued by heroes. 
13 June 2024: We have wonderful news to share! 

Blikkies’ test results are in, and he’s cancer-free! While he has been diagnosed with lymphoid hyperplasia, we are relieved to report that it is not cancer.

As part of his treatment protocol, we’ve ordered and received injectable iron, and Blikkies is responding well. His prognosis is good, and we are optimistic about his recovery.

Thank you to everyone for your positive thoughts, prayers, and unwavering support during this challenging time. This has meant the world to us and to Blikkies. 

Stay tuned for more updates on Blikkies’ journey to full health. 🐶

03 June 2024 Health Status Update on Blikkies

After recent blood tests revealed some alarming results, Blikkies was taken to a private veterinary practice with facilities to conduct a full medical work-up, including further bloodwork and an ultrasound of his abdomen. Following a biopsy of his spleen, which presented as enlarged, the preliminary findings suggest that Blikkies might be battling Cancer.

This news comes at a particularly difficult time for us, as we are still mourning the unexpected loss of Blikkies’ brother, Toby. Toby, unable to bounce back from the chronic neglect of his past, passed away suddenly and unexpectedly at the SPCA last week. Our hearts are heavy and we’re so thankful to all of you for your donations that are making it possible to us to ensure that Blikkies receives the best possible care and comfort.

We are trying to remain hopeful as we await his histopathology results from the lab which will determine the best course of action or treatment for Blikkies.

Animal rescue can be incredibly challenging, and this outcome is particularly heartbreaking given Inspector Jeffery Mfini’s supreme effort to save both Blikkies and Toby.
We ask for your positive thoughts, prayers, and continued support. Your love and compassion mean the world to us, to Blikkies and every animal in our care.

We ask for your positive thoughts, prayers, and continued support. Your love and compassion mean the world to us, to Blikkies and every animal in our care.

28 May 2024 It is with profound sadness and heavy hearts that we share the news of Toby’s unexpected passing today.
Toby endured a life no living being should ever face, one marred by severe neglect and starvation. After his rescue by Inspector Jeffrey Mfini, we poured our hearts and efforts into his recovery, and it seemed Toby was on the mend. He had gained weight and we saw glimpses of the spirited dog we knew he would become. Toby took a sudden turn for the worse and left us today. Severe and chronic neglect unfortunately does irreversible damage that no medical intervention or veterinary care can undo. If only love had been enough to save him. Today is a sad day for all of us here at the SPCA. Toby’s struggle, his brief moments of recovery and your support touched us deeply. We mourn the loss of a gentle soul who deserved so much more. Toby’s memory will always inspire us to continue fighting for the countless others like him, who rely on us to be their voice and their shield. Rest in peace, Toby. Your fight is over, but your impact remains. 💔 The funds raised for Toby will be redirected to the fight for justice for him, and to the rescue of other animals ensuring that his legacy lives on through the lives we continue to save.
18 May 2024 Chief Inspector Jaco Pieterse is having the happiest of Birthdays today thanks to your hero hearts.

A total of R90 500 was raised to help Toby, Blikkies and many more animals still in heartbreaking circumstances. With the loving support of our team here at the Cape of Good Hope SPCA, your generous donations and encouraging words of love, Toby has tipped the scales today at 14.20kg and is well on the road to recovery. We are incredibly grateful for the heroes who stepped up and donated to make our Chief Inspector’s Birthday Wish come true.

Special thanks to our wonderful friends at Kyron, who donated Heptonic and Neutrostim, Acana who sent Toby puppy food and adult food, Bravecto who donated their product to help restore Blikkies’ coat to its former glory and to Identipet and Alex Fortman Africa Dogs and Cats in need (ACADIN) for their generous offline donations of R12000 and R10000 respectively. Animal Rescue takes a village and our village didn’t just show up – you showed off! 

Thank you so much Team Toby, we couldn’t have done this without you!

16 May 2024 Blikkies Rescued By Love?

Today was a day of pure delight for Blikkies, thanks to the incredible kindness of Telana Lezar, a devoted animal lover and cherished supporter of the SPCA. Telana, who runs a pet grooming business, graciously offered Blikkies a lavish pampering session, and the results were truly astounding.

Gone are the days of discomfort and neglect. Telana’s tender care involved warm, soapy water and gentle strokes that washed away the grime from Blikkies’ body. With each brush stroke, hundreds of dead fleas bid farewell, but unfortunately, it wasn’t just a cleaner coat that emerged. Underneath all the layers of neglect were several red and raw patches on Blikkies’ skin, and she discovered a painful wound on his hip. They are the result of a severely matted coat. We can also now see a nobbly spine – Blikkies wasn’t getting enough to eat either. Something quite magical happened too! Blikkies was nippy and unpredictable on admission but with his painfully matted coat now gone, he’s enjoying touch again. It really is amazing what a good groom and a kind hand can do. Thank you Telana, we owe you a debt of gratitude! You didn’t just groom Blikkies today, you restored his pride and touched our hearts!

10 May 2024 The fight for justice for Toby began today!

The fight for justice for Toby began today with the arrest of his owner for contraventions of the Animals Protection Act No. 71 of 1962. The arrest followed the owner’s failure to comply with a warning issued by Inspector Jeffrey Mfini with respect to improving the welfare of the remaining dog on the property. Toby’s owner will now face criminal charges and answer to the Court for the cruel treatment of Toby and the neglect of Blikkies, whose severely matted coat could only have been causing him considerable discomfort and pain.

Animal cruelty is a serious offence and those found guilty of crimes against animals could be sentenced to a fine of R40 000.00 and/or 12 months in prison. We express our sincerest gratitude to the City of Cape Town Law Enforcement’s Animal Control Unit and Metro Police for their commitment to the fight against animal cruelty and to ensuring the safety of our inspectors as they carry out their duties.

09 May 2024 Toby tipped the scales at 13.10kg’s today. He still has a lot of eating to do!

Is it our imagination or is there a little more pride in the tilt of his head? He has a little more swagger and a little less stumble in his step that’s for sure. It’s amazing what love can do and there’s no shortage of it for Toby! Not from our Chief Inspector Jaco Pieterse, our hospital team or YOU! Thank you for supporting Toby’s fight to live so generously. Yesterday he had a surprise visit from our Friends at Identipet who sent some love his way too! Toby’s costs of care, given his special diet, supplements, 24 hour nursing and medication is running at about R1200.00 per day! Identipet have just pledged R12 000.00 to cover 10 days of care and we’re so thankful to them for this incredible show of support and compassion.

08 May 2024 Toby Gets A Bath

Toby’s finally well enough to enjoy a good bath, nothing quite like a warm soapy wash to make a man feel like he’s winning!  Toby still has a long road to recovery ahead of him, he is fighting hard to live and our hospital team are fighting hard to save him.  His road to rehabilitation will be a long one and he still needs your help!

07 May 2024 Toby Gets the Gift of Life from a Furry Friend

Toby’s condition is so severe that he needs a blood transfusion to replenish his red blood cell count and restore oxygen-carrying capacity to his bloodstream.  Greyhounds have a naturally higher red blood cell count compared to many other dog breeds and have blood types that make them universal donors, meaning their blood can be transfused into dogs of any blood type with little risk of adverse reactions.  They’re a little like the O Negative human population. The incredible Cheryl Campbell from Sighthound Rescue heard about Toby’s plight and in no time at all furry heroes Paloma and Bianca stepped right up to help.

06 May 2024 Toby developed starvation anaemia

Toby has a body score of 1/5 and has developed starvation anaemia as a result. Anaemia means there aren’t enough red blood cells in Toby’s bloodstream and his starved body doesn’t have the building blocks it needs to make new red blood cells. Red blood cells are like little delivery trucks that carry oxygen around the body and because Toby doesn’t have enough of them, his body isn’t getting the oxygen it needs.  He’s weak, tired and very sick. He’s immediately put on a veterinary treatment plan that includes a specialised diet, parasite control and the administration of fluids and meds to manage his condition.

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