Horse Rescued from Cape Town Highway Now Seeks Forever Home

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On the chaotic afternoon of 17th August 2023, the busy lanes of M5 inbound in Cape Town witnessed an unusual sprinter—a panicked horse named Flash, racing down the highway with trailing training equipment, leaving the city in a state of astonishment and concern. A video of this incident quickly made rounds on social media platforms, leading to a frenzy of shared sympathies and concerns over the horse’s well-being.

A Dramatic Rescue

Caught amidst the tumultuous flow of rush-hour traffic, the Cape of Good Hope SPCA promptly sprang into action, intending not only to rescue the frightened horse but also to maintain the safety of the motorists. Chief Inspector Jaco Pieterse, accompanied by five other Inspectors, raced against time to rescue Flash.

Luckily, by the time the SPCA team reached the scene, a compassionate bystander had already managed to calm the agitated gelding, which had sustained a serious leg injury (amongst other injuries). The team wasted no time in administering first aid to Flash before carefully transporting him to the SPCA’s Horse Care Unit.

The Investigation

Preliminary investigations have revealed that Flash was undergoing training in the Parkwood area before he broke loose, running in his frightened state along the highway. The chaotic scene urged many good Samaritans to halt their journeys and come forward to help. The Cape of Good Hope SPCA extends its deepest gratitude to City of Cape Town Traffic Services and the helpful members of the public for their collaboration, patience, and consideration in ensuring the safety of a distressed animal.

Flash’s Recovery

Post-rescue, Flash has been nurtured back to health and is now ready to find his forever home. He has become a beacon of resilience and hope, symbolizing the unbreakable spirit of the creatures of the animal kingdom.

Chief Inspector Jaco Pieterse of the SPCA voices the collective sentiment of gratitude, stating, “We extend our heartfelt thanks to the members of the public who stopped to help, City of Cape Town Traffic Services, who closed the road enabling us to work safely, and all the motorists on the M5 for their patience and consideration for a horse in trouble.”

The tale of Flash’s unexpected run and subsequent rescue is not merely a story of an animal in distress but a testament to the benevolent spirit of humanity that arises in times of need.

Flash Found his Forever Home – A Happy Ending

When we shared the incredible rescue story of Flash on social media, we received an overwhelming response! Our Horse Care Unit was flooded with adoption applications, and after hours of reviewing, one stood out. Flash found his forever home. A big shoutout to our Horse Care Unit Supervisor, Inspector Mark Syce, who personally ensured Flash’s smooth transition to his new family.
From a dangerous highway scenario to a loving home, this is the kind of happy ending we live for.
Inspector Mark Syce shares: “Blown away by the resilience of these magnificent beasts! From enduring training on a busy freeway to getting immediate veterinary care, and then, in just 6 weeks, finding his safe forever home. Truly remarkable!”
Flash in the safe care of the SPCA

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