Horses Rescued from Starvation in Pelican Park

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As we celebrate our 150th existence today (yes we were established today in 1872!), our Inspectorate had to obtain a court order from the Wynberg Magistrates court yesterday to rescue 1 horse and 3 ponies from a property in Pelican Park.

The starved horse and ponies were being kept in makeshift stables and not being provided with adequate or sufficient food, resulting in them starving and losing condition.

Our team warned the owners on several occasions to provide the horse and ponies with adequate food on a daily basis and to seek the services of a veterinarian to examine them.

Since our initial inspection at the end of March, the horse and ponies’ condition deteriorated, and they were not being provided with sufficient food or veterinary treatment.

Our team tried to educate the owners on the humane care and treatment of equine, however, this fell on deaf ears.

Due to the non-compliance of the owners, our team had no other option but to obtain a court order and seize the horse and ponies.

This was not an easy task as the owners were obstructive and tried to prevent our team from removing the horses.

The assistance of the City of Cape Town’s Law Enforcement had to be called in to assist our team.

The horse and ponies were safely rescued by the team and were brought back to the Horse Care Unit at the Cape of Good Hope SPCA in Grassy Park. The horse and ponies were examined by a veterinarian and were prescribed a special diet to assist with weight gain.

The owners will now be facing charges of animal cruelty in terms of the Animals Protection Act. It is an offence for any animal owner to unnecessarily starve, under-feed or deny food to any animal.

We are calling on our caring community to help us care for the horse and ponies that are currently in our care. You can help us by making a gift in aid of our 150th Birthday by selecting a gift on our animal-friendly wish list and gift registry  or by becoming a member of our Horse’s Best Friends Club.

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Spirit's condition when she was rescued by the Cape of Good Hope SPCA
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Horse and ponies rescued from starvation in Pelican Park

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