Inspector Dodges Rocks to Rescue Dog in a Box

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“No creature should have to endure such hell,” were the words from a Cape of Good Hope SPCA Inspector upon seeing a large-breed security dog confined to a tiny metal cage. And then the stones started to fly…

The Cape of Good Hope SPCA received an anonymous tip-off about a “security dog” allegedly being kept permanently confined in a small metal box on a Lavender Hill school property.

Inspector Jeffrey Mfini, a man with a deep understanding of big-breed dogs, who is also known for tackling the toughest cases, immediately went to the school to investigate.

“There’s no dog here”

Arriving at the school, Inspector Mfini was met by a female security guard who insisted that there was no dog on the school property.

Mfini, unconvinced by the guard’s assertions and following his gut instinct insisted that he be allowed to conduct a proper inspection on the premises, “just to make sure.”

A shocking discovery

Once inside the school grounds, the Inspector soon made a shocking discovery: a fully-grown Rottweiler dog confined to a small metal cage; the cage being of the sort typically used by security company vehicles to transport dogs short distances.

The female dog was confined to a space that measured only half a meter by a meter in a cage divided into two separate compartments; a totally unacceptable size for a large-breed dog (or any sized dog for that matter!)

[VIDEO] Moment of release: Inspector Jeffrey Mfini rescues Nova from tiny cage

She was unable to stretch out or even turn around inside the cage.

Besides being far too small to house a dog, the metal cage was also positioned without any shelter from the blazing sun during the day.

Crime Scene

Inspector Mfini informed the security guard that he was going to seize the dog in accordance with the laws prohibiting animal cruelty. 

The security guard decided to phone her manager to inform him that the SPCA was going to confiscate the dog. Shortly thereafter a man arrived on the scene claiming to be the dog’s owner. Inspector Mfini informed the man that the dog will be seized in terms of Regulation 468, which is issued in terms of Section 10 of the Animals Protection Act 71 of 1962, which empowers SPCA Inspectors to seize any animal from situations where it is reasonably necessary to prevent cruelty to or suffering of such an animal.

At this, the alleged owner became hostile, turned aggressive and began picking up stones and broken bricks and hurling them at Inspector Mfini.

Shockingly, the lady security guard joined in and also began throwing stones and rocks at Inspector Mfini. Undaunted by the missiles bouncing off him, our Inspector stood his ground and continued seizing the dog while backup was on its way.

Fortunately, Inspector Mfini (and his new best friend) were unharmed and managed to sprint to the safety of the SPCA vehicle before jumping in and driving away.

The dog called Nova is now safely in the care of the Cape of Good Hope SPCA, with lots of room to exercise. 

“Our Inspectors will not be intimidated or prevented from executing their powers in terms of the Animals Protection Act,” comments SPCA Chief Inspector Jaco Pieterse.

He cautioned the public to be aware, “it is a criminal offence for any person to obstruct SPCA Inspectors in fulfilling their duties.”

“As Inspector Jeffrey proved, we will stand our ground no matter what and we will do everything in our power to rescue abused animals,”  added Chief Inspector Pieterse.

Criminal charges will be laid against the security officer and her employer in terms of the Animals Protection Act 71 of 1962 and the Performing Animals Protection Act 24 of 1935 (as amended in 2016). 

The tiny metal box that the dog was kept in was also seized and will be submitted as evidence to the South African Police Service.  

Inspector Jeffrey Mfini and Nova next to the tiny cage that she was confined to


Playtime with new best friend, Inspector Jeffrey Mfini
Free to play at last, enjoying some squeeky toy fun

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Nova was freed from her cruel confinement to a small metal cage on Monday and is enjoying having lots of space to run and play at the Cape of Good Hope SPCA

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Your continued dedication, ongoing support, and passion for protecting the lives of animals is what make us successful. Thank you for everything you do to help make this a better world for animals.

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