Jack Sparrow: A Tale of Rescue And Recovery

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Jack Sparrow was in a field of despair – literally! 

Wandering around, rendered sightless in one eye by a traumatic injury, he paused to graze in an open field. Thankfully, this is where we found him after receiving a call from a compassionate person who came across him.  

We Couldn’t Save His Eye But We Could Save Him

The 5-year-old hackney cross was rushed back to our Horse Care Unit where he could receive the urgent veterinary care he so desperately needed.  Unfortunately his eye could not be saved, the injury was too severe and the time without treatment, too prolonged. He underwent urgent surgery to remove the damaged eye which was was sightless and causing him immense pain. 

This is how our courageous, spirited, resourceful little buccaneer earned his pirate name! 

Jack Sparrow adapted so quickly to only having only one eye that we suspect the eye had been sightless for quite some time before we rescued him. It’s hard to imagine what life was like for him before the surgery.  But if you’ve ever had a bit of dust or a grain of sand blow into your eye, you know how awful it is until you find relief.  Now imagine that grain of sand amplified 1000 times over and imagine being without relief for weeks on end.  Every blink must’ve been pure torture for him. 

Between Rescue And Recovery 

Rescuing and relieving Jack Sparrow of his torture was only the beginning of his recovery.  Aside from post-operative veterinary care, preventative veterinary care, a comfortable stable, grooming and a healthy diet, Jack needed care that we can’t provide inhouse.  We had to call in the specialist services of an equine dentist for his oral care and a farrier to take care of his hooves. 

Even Pirates Need Good Teeth

Every time we undertake costly veterinary treatment and care for a sick or injured stray we draw on our faith in our loyal SPCA supporters, who rally for animals. Can we count on you today?

Jack Sparrow Support

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This Pirate’s Ready To Drop His Anchor

Jack Sparrow has recovered remarkably well, in fact he’s quite beautiful now with his gloss black coat and a striking blaze. He may have a fearless pirate heart but there’s no trace of a pirate in his nature! He’s a confident, polite little guy and he’s friendly and engaging with both humans and other equines. 

If you’d like to give Jack Sparrow a safe, forever harbour, please click on the button below to find out more about him or call us on 0217004173 or email Inspector Mark Syce hcuadmin@spca-ct.co.za  

Jack Sparrow's Eye was too badly injured to be saved

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