Notorious Du Noon Animal Hawker Nabbed

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On the 11th of February we made a commitment to you to ensure that justice would be served for the animal victims of the notorious Du Noon animal hawker who was plying his trade at the Malibongwe Bridge. On the 16th of March 2023 we honoured that commitment. After more than a month of repeated reports, countless attempts to catch him in the act and equally as many slippery escapes on his part, we were finally able to effect an arrest yesterday afternoon.

We couldn’t have done it without the support of fellow animal lovers, rescuers and the swift response of the City of Cape Town’s Animal Control Unit.

It came down to one individual who was brave enough to engage with him, feigning interest in an animal for sale that this devious individual, known for changing clothes every 30 minutes to avoid identification by the authorities could finally be caught. 

Chief Inspector Jaco Pieterse was at the scene. He says “I’m thankful that this animal abuser will finally face his day in Court.  We will never give up when we know that animals need us, even if it means returning to the same area several times a day and at all times of the day or night for weeks on end. We were determined to put a stop to this and we’re glad our perseverance has paid off.  Following his arrest, a search of the accused’s home was undertaken to ensure that there were no animals at his place of residence in need of our help.  Fortunately, this was not the case and so we will all sleep a little easier tonight.”

It’s thanks to a team effort, that an animal abuser is off the streets and the Cape of Good Hope SPCA can finally institute legal proceedings that will put an end to the immense suffering he has subjected animals to, and the emotional blackmail experienced by every animal lover who has crossed his path. The video below shows one disturbing incident of his complete disregard for animals and comes with a trigger warning. 

So many individuals have come forward with evidence supported by affidavits (including reports of animals that have died) that will help us build a solid case against the 20-year-old offender. 

The accused now faces charges in terms of Section 13(17) of the City of Cape Town Animal Keeping By Law which states that it is an offence for any person to sell or offer to sell an animal without the City’s authorisation in a street or public place as well as charges of animal cruelty in terms of the Animals Protection Act No.71 of 1962.

Animal Cruelty is a Criminal Offence punishable by law.  Those found guilty of an offence in terms of the Animals Protection Act No. 71 of 1962 could face a 12 month prison sentence and/or a fine of R40 000.00

This case demonstrates more than ever our need to work as a team to ensure that those who exploit animals for personal gain can be brought to book.

Please remember that by buying animals from anyone trying to sell them to you from the roadside, you are unwittingly perpetuating a cycle of cruelty and abuse.  Sales create demand! We know it’s hard to leave an animal in distress behind but rather take photographic or video evidence of any cruelty you witness and report this to our Inspectorate as soon as possible. 

We are available 24/7 on 0217004158/9 or  

Cruelty can also be reported online here

Arrest in progress. Man climbs into police van while SPCA inspector looks on. SPCA logo and inspector insignia visible
The notorius Du Noon Animal hawker en route to the Tableview Police Station.

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