Puppy on Death’s Door After Tail Docking

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The Cape of Good Hope SPCA seized a Rottweiler puppy called Zara following a report from a private veterinarian of her Durbanville owner using a rubber band to dock her tail.

A collapsed 2-month-old Zara was taken to a local veterinarian for urgent treatment by her owner after he attempted to dock her tail by placing a rubber band on the pup’s tail.

The veterinarian confirmed in a report to the SPCA that Zara was in a collapsed state, had a high fever and was dehydrated. Her tail also showed a purulent discharge around a bone protruding from the middle of the flesh. Zara was treated for septic shock and meningitis.

The veterinarian reported the matter to the SPCA – an ethical obligation on the veterinarian’s part.

Without any delay, our Inspectorate team immediately jumped into action to investigate the case. When Senior Inspector Wayne Hector arrived he immediately saw that her tail had been maimed and some bone was protruding from the wound.

“This was a clear case of animal cruelty and action had to be taken,” said Senior Inspector Wayne Hector

Senior Inspector Hector immediately seized Zara at the veterinary practice and brought her back to the SPCA hospital for further treatment.

The owner contacted the SPCA to claim Zara and meet with our Inspectorate team to discuss the matter. The owner admitted to placing a rubber band on Zara’s tail to dock the tail. The owner claimed he did not know that it was illegal, however, it was later established that his wife had called the local veterinarian prior to him placing the rubber band on Zara’s tail, and had been informed that it was illegal to dock a dog’s tail.

To maim any animal is a contravention in terms of Section 2(1)(a) of the Animals Protection Act 71 of 1962.

The owner and his wife will now be facing charges in terms of the Animals Protection Act.

Seized puppy with docked tail, collapsed.

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