Puppy rescued from a terrible ordeal

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A puppy has been rescued from a terrible ordeal thanks to the vigilant eye of a compassionate individual and the unwavering support of the donors who rally behind the efforts of the SPCA.

13 May 2024 From sitting like a little meerkat in a corner to a brave and bolder puppy. 

Niknax, the dog rescued from a covered metal drum in April, is thriving in her new surroundings. It’s clear she hasn’t forgotten her rescuer, and he hasn’t forgotten her either. When he’s not out rescuing other animals in distress, Inspector Taljaard makes a point of spending quality time with Niknax.

She was extremely fearful and nervous on admission, but bravery is contagious it seems, because in the presence of her hero, Niknax gets bolder by the day! They remind us that compassion has the power to transform lives and that love, indeed, makes us brave.

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30 April 2024 Responding to the report

Responding to a report of a dog being kept in a “dustbin” Inspector Werner Taljaard approached the first bin he could see on the Grassy Park property – a black wheelie bin. But it was filled with rainwater. He could hear the cries of a dog in distress close by, but he couldn’t see another bin. Following the sound of the cries, he realised they were coming from a covered steel drum. His heart broke when he lifted first a heavy piece of wood and then the cover to find a pair of brown eyes looking up at him from alongside an empty Nik Naks packet, a dirty blanket scrap and a teddy bear. Three of the four belonged in the bin, one absolutely did not.

Inspector Taljaard reached out a hand and NikNax (as we named her) immediately retreated and flattened herself against the bottom of the drum before assuming a submissive posture with her tail between her legs. It took a fair amount of sweet talking and gentle reassurance before our inspector was able to retrieve her. Even then she shivered and expected the worst of him. Inspector Werner Taljaard couldn’t bring himself to put her in a cage at the back of his vehicle after her ordeal and so she rode alongside him in the cab. En Route he continued reassuring her and by the time they reached the SPCA he’d completely won her over. He even got the “you’re my hero” look of adoration.

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