Puppy Seller Nabbed by Cape Town Authorities

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The Cape of Good Hope SPCA responded to a call shortly after midday yesterday afternoon as the temperature in Cape Town’s CBD peaked in the forties. An adult female and a minor were selling puppies in the blazing sun without access to water or shade.

A special thanks to Inspector Morris and his team of Law Enforcement officials for their swift response and assistance in this matter.
Illegal Trade

The sale of animals is now illegal per the new Animal Keeping By-Law, 2021, recently introduced by the City of Cape Town. Cape of Good Hope SPCA contacted Law Enforcement for assistance with Inspector Morris and his Law Enforcement team arriving on the scene mere minutes later.

Puppies Seized

Chief Inspector Jaco Pieterse seized the puppies, and they are currently at the Cape of Good Hope SPCA hospital under the care of our veterinary staff. The puppies were examined, hydrated, fed and vaccinated before being placed in a cool kennel to recover from their heated ordeal.

Suspect Arrested

The adult female was taken into custody on charges of animal cruelty in terms of the Animals Protection Act 71 of 1962 and the illegal sale of animals in terms of the Animal Keeping By-Law, 2021. The suspect was taken to the Cape Town CBD police station for processing. The Department of Social Development was called to oversee the safety of the minor.

Prevention Measures

Chief Inspector Pieterse convinced the puppy seller to sterilise her two adult dogs, who produced the litter, to avoid any reoccurrence. The Cape of Good Hope SPCA team went into Mannenberg yesterday to fetch and admit her dogs to the SPCA Grassy Park hospital for sterilisation.

“We urge the public not to buy puppies from hawkers. This is not only illegal but encourages this illegal trade” said Chief Inspector Jaco Pieterse. The puppies will be monitored over the next week to ensure their health and wellbeing. They will be placed for adoption, subject to passing their clinical assessment. Puppies can remain susceptible to highly contagious infectious diseases, such as Parvovirus, up to the age of a year after vaccination. Read more about Parvovirus

Report Cruelty

Confidential cruelty reports can be made online or by email to inspectorate@spca-ct.co.za or by telephone during office hours at 0217004158/9. Cruelty reports after hours can be made on 0833261604.

[WATCH] Puppies safe at SPCA
Law Enforcement assist with removal of puppies from a suspected hawker

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