Relentless Rain and Howling Winds Won’t Stop Us

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SPCA Representatives are currently stationed at the City of Cape Town Joint Operations Centre (JOC) in Goodwood to assist the animals affected by the current adverse weather conditions. 

Storms like the one we are currently experiencing impact heavily on animal lives and The JOC provides a platform for the sharing of information regarding the extent of the disaster, the areas most affected, and the resources available for rescue and relief efforts.  This means that by being present at the JOC, we’re able to effectively mobilise our resources to the worst affected areas and help as many animals as possible. We’re extremely appreciative of the collaborative approach of the City of Cape Town, who by working hand in hand with the SPCA and other agencies show compassion to humans and animals alike. 

The SPCA teams are out in the fields proactively assisting animals without shelter and even our mobile clinics have been deployed as response vehicles to the areas that need our help the most. 

Our team were on site to assist with displaced animals following a fire in Kayamandi over the weekend.  The fire, fuelled by gale force winds ravaged 1500 homes in the Kayamandi informal settlement. 

As the storm rages on, know that the SPCA is here, standing strong, and committed to helping animals regardless of the weather.  We thank our generous donors and supporters for their support that makes our disaster response possible. 

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