Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place

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Some quick thinking and careful planning was required after the Cape of Good Hope SPCA received a call about a large ginger cat that was stuck between two garages.

When Inspector Werner Taljaard arrived to rescue the distressed kitty, he found that it was lying on its back with no way to get free as the space where he was trapped was only about 12cm wide. Inspector Taljaard measured the distance and height around the cat to determine what would be the best point of entry between the two garages.

Trapped between two garages in a gap that was only only 12cm wide
A hole was made by the SPCA Inspectorate with the help of the Fire Department
A relieved kitty and his owners are reunited after a tense rescue

The fire department was called to help with the rescue operation and arrived very quickly to assist the cat in distress. After approximately 10 minutes, the team had made a small hole inside the garage. Inspector Taljaard then reached inside and safely removed the cat and handed him to his relieved and grateful owners, after which he was taken to the vet to examine him for injuries. All is well after a successful, tense rescue operation.

Cape of Good Hope SPCA thanks the City of Cape Town Fire Department for their prompt assistance as always, in helping the four-legged members of our society. If you are aware of any animal in distress who needs our help, please call our Inspectorate any time on (021)700-4158/9 during office hours or 083 326 1604 after hours. We are the only animal welfare organisation that responds to stray animals in distress and investigates cruelty 24/7 right throughout the year.

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